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Ch. 26-sec. 3

Cold War at Home

He was accused by the Republicans of being “soft on communism.” Harry Truman
This was set up to investigate over 3 million people and ended up firing 200 for their ties to communism. Loyalty Review Board
This was a group set up by Congress to look for communists inside and outside of government. HUAC
This was a group of people in the film industry called before HUAC who refused to testify about their alleged ties to communism and so were sent to prison. Hollywood Ten
People whose names were on this were refused jobs in Hollywood because they were thought to be Communist. blacklist
This law made it illegal to plot to establish a totalitarian dictatorship in the U.S. McCarran Internal Security Act
He was a member of the State Department who was accused of passing secret documents to the Communist party. Alger Hiss
They got the electric chair for giving the Soviets secret information about the American atomic bomb. Julius & Ethel Rosenberg
He was a Senator from Wisconsin who launched a witch hunt for Communists and was later discredited when it was found he had no evidence against anyone he accused. Joseph McCarthy