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Ch. 26-sec. 2

Cold War Heats Up

The civil war in China was temporarily interrupted when ______occupied China in 1937. Japan
The Nationalists were led by _______ and the Communists were led by _____. Chiang Kai-shek; Mao Zedong
The _____ supported the Nationalists and the ______ supported the Communists. United States; Soviet Union
Because the ______ promised land reform, they got the backing of the peasants. Communists
This president refused to send American soldiers to China but did send $2 billion in worth of military equipment and supplies to the Nationalists. Harry Truman
Chiang and the Nationalists lost the civil war and were forced to flee to ______. Taiwan (Formosa)
The country of _____ had ruled Korea from 1910 until 1945. Japan
South Korea was supported by the _____ while North Korea was supported by the ____. United States; Soviet Union
_____ led South Korea and _____ led North Korea. Syngman Rhee; Kim IL Sung
The capital of South Korea was _____ and the capital of North Korea was _____. Seoul; Pyongyang
The combined UN and South Korean forces were led by ____. General Douglas MacArthur
MacArthur made a miracle counterattack at ______. Inchon
When fighting neared its border at the Yalu River, this country got involved in the Korean War. China
MacArthur want to use atomic bombs against _______. China
He was relieved of his command after criticizing the president in public about refusing to allow a full-scale war with China. General Douglas MacArthur
An _____ was signed in July 1953 that ended the war in Korea. armistice
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