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history set #2

Sweatshop Small factory where employees have to work long hours under poor conditions for little pay
Company town Community whose residents rely upon one company for jobs, houaing, and shopping
Collective bargaining Procesa in which employers negotiate with labor unions about hours wages and other working condition
Socialism System or theory under which the means of production are publicly controlled and regulated rather than owned by individual
Garnish and what accompanied by for sirlon tips and eggs Accompanied by: 2 butter milk pancakes Garnish: egg plate: steak knife. pancakes: one helping scoop of whipping butter
Garnish and what is it accompanied by for the split decision breakfast Accompanied by two buttermilk pancakes Garnish: pancakes one scoop of whipping Butters French toast: 3 shakes of powdered sugar and one helping of whipping butter
Garnish and what is it accompanied by for the T-bone steak and eggs accompanied by: three buttermilk pancakes garnish: pancakes will have a butter scoop and a egg plate will have a steak knife
What's the garnish and what is it accompanied by for the breakfast sampler and what is in it 1 portion of hash browns, 2 pork sausages, 2ham quarters, 2 eggs any style, 2 bacon Accompanied by: two buttermilk pancakes Garnished w/: pancakes: butter
B.L.A.S.T stand for
Believe. Listen. Apologize. Solve. Thank
Free refils on Pop, water, ice tea, lemonade
Blank to blank is the blank blank method Left to right is the Pivot Point method
How much time does servers have to arrive to table Within 30 seconds
What is the Swedish crepes accompanied by and garnished with They are accompanied by nothing They are garnished with powdered sugar
What is some ingredients for sweet cream cheese crepes and what are they garnished with and accompanied by Some ingredients are sweet cream cheese filling, guess choice of fur topping. They are garnished with whipped cream
What is a classic crepe breakfast Ingredients offer pasteurized eggs two scoops of bacon pieces two egg batter pancakes or crepes 2 ham slices two slices sharp white cheddar cheese Ladle of white cheddar cheese
What is some ingredients for the banana crepes with Nutella and what is the garnish Nutella zigzag on top of it 5 banana slices Going with powdered sugar and whipped topping
What is a garnish for strawberries and cream crepes Vanilla sauce zig zag on top, powdered sugar, whipped topping
Can people pay with their own checks No
What is pre delivery It is when you give soup and salads and condiments to guests
What do the expeditors work more with Cooks
What do you have to do Know the menu
How many in what are the the omelettes that come with tomatoes Spinach and mushroom, bacon Temptation omelette, Garden omelette, egg white omelette, and big steak omelette
What is the difference between the big steak omelette and the Colorado omelette Big steak omelette has tomatoes on it
What does the sample appetizer come with It comes with mozzarella sticks, chicken stripes, and onion rings
What does the appetizer Trio come with 3 sliders
What does the Philly cheese steak stacker garnished with Steak knife
Any soup comes with Soup spoon and a cracker
What does the chicken and waffle garnished with Butter for the waffle and honey mustard or Ranch for chicken
What is omelettes always accompanied by
3 bm pancakes or hash browns or mixed fruit or 3 flavored pancakes w/ addional charge
What are the t types of origanal bm pqnkacea Full stack, short stack, butterside, short/special, and silver 5
What is the garnish and the accompanied by on the harvest grain 'n nut pancakes Accompanied by: nothing Garnish is a scoop of butter
Which is the one that has cheesecake pieces in it New york cheesecake pancake
Can your guest suggest other fruit on the rooty tooty freach 'n fruity pancakes Yes
What is the garnish on the chocolate chocolate chip pancakes Powder sugar, 10 chocolate chips, and whip cream
Whats is on the double blueberry pancakes Whip cream
What is the CYO pancake combo Hash browns, eggs any style, and 2 bacon/ sausage Accompanied by 2 flavores pancakes Garnish: varys on pancake
What type of bread do ihop offers White, wheat' sour dough, and rye
Do we take reservations No
What do almost all burger come with Fries or onion rings
What do all scrambles Aaccompanied by
Created by: Emilyk34
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