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oo1 / history test

> 7th grade history class

What is a term for a flat or rolling land covered with grass? PRAIRIE
What term describes the design and use of tools, ideas, and methods to solve problems? TECHNOLOGY
What is the Hopi apartment style of home? PUEBLO
What is a long building made of poles and covered in elm bark? LONGHOUSE
What is one term for a mountain or hill with a flat top and steep sides? MESA (PLATEAU)
What is the term for a type of house made with bent elm branches and saplings? WIGWAM
Name one of the major languages that was spoken in the Eastern Woodlands. ALGONKIAN / IROQUOIAN
In which present day state did the Hodenosaunee live? NEW YORK
Name two of the five tribes of the Hodenosaunee? THE MOHAWK + THE CAYUGA (THE SENECA, THE ONEIDA, THE ONONDAGA)
How did the Native Americans get to North and South America? They traveled from Siberia across the land bridge of Beringia around 20,000 years ago to modern day Alaska. The land bridge no longer exists following the latest ice age which caused water levels to rise.
What aspects of the Iroquois Confederacy make it unique? It gave women rights and had representatives
What was the concept of the potlatch? The potlatch celebrated the plentiful resources that the Northwestern Native Americans had, and, during the potlatch, the hosts unconventionally gave presents to their guests.
What material did the Hopi use to build homes? They used clay to build their houses to keep out extreme heat or cold as well as blizzards and floods - due to limited resources.
Why didn't all Native Americans eat the same type of food and live in the same type of house? How did geography affect their way of life? MAIN IDEA: VARIOUS GROUPS LIVED IN DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS AND HAD ACCESS TO DIFFERENT RESOURCES
Created by: caletheas
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