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8 History Ch.1 vocab

nomadic groups of people constantly on the move
mounds Native American burial sites that look like large hills
adobe a dried clay and straw mixture
totem poles poles carved from large trees that depicted local legends and important events
animism the belief that spirits live in objects in nature
Vikings seamen from northern Europe ; also known as Norsemen
Leif Ericson a Viking who discovered Vinland
Christopher Columbus an Italian sailor who discovered America;discovered it with the support of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
Amerigo Vespucci Italian merchant and explorer that gave proof that america was not the Orient, but a "new world"
conquistadors Spanish explorers
Juan Ponce de Leon first Spaniard to explore Florida
Hernando de Soto Spanish explorer that discovered and died at the Mississippi River
St. Augustine the oldest permanent city settled by Europeans in America
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Spanish explorer that discovered the adobe villages of the Pueblo Indians; first European to see the Grand Canyon
John Cabot English explorer that claimed the Atlantic coast of America for England
Sea Dogs group of English sea captain that struck at the heart of Spanish power
Sir Francis Drake most famous of the sea dogs
Queen Elizabeth I knighted Sir Francis Drake
Jacques Cartier
Robert de la Salle
Samuel de Champlain
Sir Walter Raleigh
Powhatan Indians
John Smith
'starving time'
indentured servants
House of Burgesses
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