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MS Studies C4

First and Second Capital Natchez (1) & Washington (2)
Jefferson College The most alumina thing was the president of confederate states of America (first state supported institution of higher learning 1802 Washington )
Elizabeth Female Academy First college institution for women (Washington 1818)
Natchez Trace Overland route that followed a northeasterly path beginning in Natchez
Flatboats Used for carrying merchandise downstream (couldn't go upstream)
Steamboat Made it more safe and made it possible to go up stream
Sam Mason & Little Harper Robbers and river pirates
Kaintucks People who came to sell their merchandise (easy prey before steamboats )
Tecumseh The famous Shawnee warrior who helped the British organize Indian tribes / came to Mississippi to enlist Chickasaw & Choctaw
Heroic Hester A slave women who was wounded at fort moms but managed to escape and informed American troops about the creek attack
Andrew Jackson The victory of the War of 1812 made him a national hero and this helped him win a presidential election years later (le flurr bluff)
Pushmataha Hero that became famous from war / Choctaw chief / led Chickasaw and Choctaw into war under Americans
When did Mississippi become a state? December 10, 1817
Causes of sectionalism Protective tariff & slavery. Northerners didn't want slavery because it gave the south advantage of not having to pay as much as they did w/ protective tariff . Southerners didn't want to get rid of slavery bc they depended on it.
Internal improvements Roads. Bridges, canals, & other needs of i transportation
Le Fleur's bluff Recommended a sit for a new state capital as near as the center of the state as possible and it needed up being named after him - Jackson ( General Andrew Jackson)
Cause of Mexican war U.S.- took Texas from Mexico Mexico- did not recognize the independence of Texas
Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 ended the Mexican war
What present states did the treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo acquire to the United States New Mexico , Arizona, Utah, Nevada, & California
John Brown Led a rain on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry on October 16, 1859 // during his trial they learned he participated in a pro-slavery attack in 1856
Robert E. Lee Wanted John Brown captured
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