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civil war study guid

a person who wanted to end slavery in the United States abolitionist
the act of betraying one's country treason
to withdraw from the Union secede
the murder of an important person assassination
the Southern name of Northerners who went South during Reconstruction to help local governments or schools carpetbagger
a white Southerner who worked with Northerners and African Americans during Reconstruction Scalawag
a system in which farmers rented land in return for crops sharecropping
rebuilding the South Reconstruction
the practice of keeping white citizens and African Americans apart segregation
freed slaves in Confederate states and changed ideas about the reasons for fighting the Civil War Emancipation Proclamation
finally granted all slaves freedom the 13th Amendment
Divided the South into five military districts; none of the Confederate officers could vote, and each Former Confederate state had to write a new constitution and form a new government Reconstruction Act of 1867
granted citizenship to everyone born in the United States except Native Americans 14th Amendment
gave all citizens right to vote and it did not matter what race 15th Amendment
gave Confederates the right to vote Amnesty Act of 1872
the Northern ships would take blockade the Southern seaports. The North would take over the Mississippi River. The Union troops would squeeze the region from east and west Anaconda Plan
The reason some people opposed the Anaconda plan It was going to take too long
President Lincoln's goal at the start of the war to keep the Union together
Why were there sightseers at the Battle of Bull Run? many expected to see a rapid Union victory
How did the North's view of war change over time They wanted it to end and did not want more people to die
How does the Emancipation Proclamation show that Lincoln's reason for fighting had changed? Before it was to help the Union; after it was to try to free the slaves
What were Confederate states required to do to rejoin the Union 10 percent of each stat's voters had to swear loyalty to the union. also had to approve the 13th amendment
How were African Americans affected by the Freedman's Bureau? provided food, clothing, medical care, and legal help
What was the effect of the Black Codes African Americans could not vote, travel freely, or own certain kinds of property
Why were Northerners and Congress opposed to President Johnson's plant of restoration They wanted it to be reconstruction not restoration
What steps did Congress take to oppose Johnson overturned vetoes and made new laws; voted to throw him out of office
How did Northern investors help rebuild the economy across the South They sent money down and built bridges, factories, railroads, and more
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