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Stack #2570267

DOI Cornell Notes

What caused the American Colonists to declare independence from Britain? 1. American Colonists controlled by Britain 2. King George III and Parliament unfair (tyrranical) 3. Colonists were oppressed. Examples include unfair laws and taxes without representation 4. Britain will not compromise with A. colonists.
Where did some of the philosophies about government used in the DOI originate from? British philosopher John Locke and his Social Contract theory.
Who was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What does the DOI state is the reason that the colonists had the right to form a new government? King George III unfairly treating colonists; mainly over taxation without representation.
According to the DOI, which reason best describes why government are created? to protect the people's rights
According to the philosophies of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson, what must government have in order to be considered just or fair? Government must have the people's consent (approval)
According to the DOI, what three rights are people born with that cannot be taken away? "Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness"= right to be alive, free, and try to find happiness
What does the DOL state is an important right of the people when a government fails to protect their freedoms? the right to change or replace the government.
"certain unalienable rights" means... natural rights that cannot be taken away
"to secure these rights. Governments are instituted among Men" means... government' job is to protect people's rights
"deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" refers to ... government gets its power from the people's consent (approval)
"whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it" refers to ... if the government is not protecting people's rights, people have the right to change or remove the government.
Created by: F. Mercado