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basic verbs

agir to act
finir de (inf) to finish (doing something)
finir par (inf) to end up (by doing)
réfléchir à to consider, reflect (on)
remplir to fill (up), to fill out
réussir à faire to succeed (in); to manage (to)
réussir à qn to agree with [ailment], to suit, to go right for, to turn out well for
blanchir to bleach, whiten
brunir to brown, to tan
élargir to widen, broaden
grandir to grow up
grossir to gain weight
jaunir to yellow
maigrir to lose weight
pâlir to grow pale
ralentir to slow down
rétrécir to shrink, grow smaller
rougir to blush, grow red
salir to get dirty
vieillir to grow old
assister à to attend [a lecture, conference]
défendre to defend, forbid
descendre to go down, get off
entendre to hear
perdre to lose
rendre to give (back), return
répondre (à) to answer
tendre to stretch (out), to offer
vendre to sell
announcer to announce
avancer to advance
dénoncer to denounce
divorcer to divorce
forcer à to force; to strain
menacer to threaten
percer to pierce
placer to place
prononcer to pronounce
remplacer to replace
tracer to trace (out)
arranger to arrange
bouger to move
changer to change
corriger to correct
dégager to free, release
diriger to direct
échanger to exchange
engager to hire
interroger to question
juger to judge
loger to put up, house, provide accommodation for; to place (something in something)
mélanger to mix
nager to swim
obliger à to oblige, force
partager to share
songer à to dream; to think of, about
voyager to travel
lancer to launch, throw
commencer [à inf] to begin
manger to eat
exiger to demand
acheter to buy
lever to raise, lift
achever de to finish, finish off, complete
amener to bring (someone)
élever to erect, raise
emmener to lead away
enlever to remove
geler to freeze
se lever to get up, stand up
mener to lead, guide
peser to weigh
promener to walk
se promener to take a walk, drive
soulever to lift up
préférer to prefer
céder to yield, give in
célébrer to celebrate
considérer to consider
compléter to complete
espérer to hope
exagérer to exaggerate
s'inquiéter to worry
pénétrer to penetrate
posséder to possess, own
répéter to repeat
révéler to reveal, show
suggérer to suggest
appeler to call, name
jeter to throw [away]
s'appeler to be named, to be called
épeler to spell
projeter to plan, to project
rappeler to recall, to call again, to remind
se rappeler to remember
rejeter to reject, to throw back
renouveler to renew, renovate
envoyer to send
essayer de (inf) to try (to do something)
appuyer (sur) to lean on; to support; to press on
employer to use
ennuyer to bore; to annoy
essuyer to wipe; to suffer, undergo
nettoyer to clean
s'ennuyer to be/get bored
payer to pay, pay for
partir* to leave (for, in the direction of)
sortir* to leave, exit
dormir* to sleep
mentir* to lie
sentir* to sense, feel, smell
servir* to serve
venir* to come
tenir* to hold, keep, have
devenir* to become
intervenir* to intervene, interrupt
obtenir* to obtain, get
parvenir (à)* to succeed (in), manage to
revenir* to come back
dire* to speak
lire* to read
interdire* to forbid, prohibit (someone from doing something)
redire* to say again, repeat
contredire* to contradict
élire* to elect
écrire* to write
décrire* to describe
inscrire* to write, inscribe (on a register)
transcrire* to transcribe
mettre* to put (on), place
permettre* (à qqun de faire qqch) to permit, allow (someone to do something)
promettre* (à qqun de faire qqch) to promise (to do something for someone)
remettre* to postpone; to give back; to turn in
soumettre* to submit; to subject
battre* to hit; to beat; to win
combattre* to fight, combat
recevoir* to receive; to have guests
apercevoir* to perceive; to glimpse
s'apercevoir* de to notice
décevoir to deceive; to disappoint
enseigner [à qqun à faire] to teach [someone to do something]
hésiter à faire to hesitate to (do something)
tenir à (faire) to be eager (to do something); to really want (to do something); to be determined (to do something)
accepter de (faire) to accept, agree (to do something)
choisir de (faire) to choose (to do something)
conseiller de (inf) to advise (to do something)
décider de (inf) to decide (to do something)
demander de (inf) to ask (to do something)
dire* de (inf) to tell (to do something)
empêcher qqun de (inf) to prevent someone from (doing something)
éviter de (inf) to avoid (doing something)
oublier (de inf) to forget (to do something)
regretter de (inf) to regret (doing something)
refuser de (inf) to refuse (to do something)
rêver de (inf) to dream (about doing something)
connaître* to know, be acquainted with
savoir* to know [facts]
apparaître* to appear, come into view
disparaître* to disappear
paraître* to seem, appear
reconnaître* to recognize
voir* to see
croire* (à qqch) to believe (in something)
revoir* to see again
croire* en to trust in, believe in
courir* to run
accourir* to rush, rush up
concourir* to compete
parcourir* to go, travel through
secourir* to rescue, come to the aid of
rire* to laugh
sourire* to smile
offrir* to offer, give
couvrir* to cover
découvrir* to discover, find out
ouvrir* to open
souffir* to suffer
conduire* to drive
construire* to construct, build
détruire* to destroy
produire* to produce
réduire* to reduce
séduire* to seduce, charm
traduire* to translate
suivre* to follow; to take (a course)
vivre* to live
revivre* to relive, come alive
poursuivre* to pursue; continue
survivre* (à) to survive
craindre* (de) to be afraid of, to fear
atteindre* to reach, attain
feindre* (de) to pretend (to)
peindre* to paint
plaindre* to pity
apprendre* (à inf) to learn (to do something)
comprendre* to understand
surprendre* to surprise
marcher to work
laver to wash
repasser to iron
ranger to straighten, organize
nettoyer to clean
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