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American Indians

Grade 4

Arctic Region American Indians in this region lived in cold climates with very little vegetation. Their shelters were igloos and tents. They used polar bears, elk, seals and whales for clothing and food. They also ate fish.
Northwest Region American Indians in this region lived in forested areas with lots of vegetation. They lived in longhouses. They ate salmon as well as berries, roots, and forest animals. They used deer, otter and tree bark to make clothing.
Southwest Region American Indians in this region lived in a dry climate. They lived in permanent structures made from clay. They were farmers and ate melons, beans, and corn. They also used sheep for food and clothing. They made clothing using cotton.
The Plains Region American Indians in this region live in tepees and permanent earthen lodges. They ate a variety of meats and vegetables like deer, elk, corn, and squash. They used the buffalo for food, shelter, clothing, and weapons.
Northeast Region American Indians in this region were also called Woodland Indians because they lived in wooded areas. They lived in longhouses and grew corn, beans, and pumpkins. They hunted deer and beavers. Their clothing was made from deer hides and other animals.
Southeast Region American Indians in this region lived in shelters made from grasses, wood, clay and a wattle and daub method. They grew corn, beans, and squash and hunted deer, turkey and alligators. Their clothes were bright and made from deerskin, cotton, and wool.
permanent lasting or continuing for a very long time or forever
shelter a structure that covers or protects people or things
regions a large geographic area defined by similar features
environment the surrounding conditions (as soil, climate, and living things) that influence someone’s ability to survive
crops plants that are grown for food
game animals hunted for food
temporary lasting for only a limited period of time
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