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WH chapter 1

Jericho- oldest neolithic community, in the west bank between Israel and Jordan
mud brick Sumerian building material
Hittites developed a new way of making iron strong enough to use for weapons
empire group of territories or nations under a single ruler or government
Mesopotamia the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. It is greek for “land between two rivers---cradle of civilization
epic- long poem that tells about legendary or heroic deeds
artifacts- weapon , tool or other item made by humans long ago
Paleolithic period known as the “old stone age”
irrigation building dams, channels, walls, and ditches to bring water to crops
Nebuchadnezzar- The chaldean king of Babylon who built the hanging gardens to please his wife
astronomers people who studied heavenly bodies
Catal Huyuk one of the oldest cities in present day Turkey
ziggurat “mountain of god” a grand temple, with a shrine at the top
Assyrians first large army to use iron weapons
Neolithic known as the “new stone age”
fossils traces of plants or animals that have been preserved in rock
Nineveh the capital of Assyria
nomads people that moved with their food
scribes people that recorded things
Gilgamesh a king who traveled and performed great deeds for different people
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