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Mississippi Studies

Ch. 2 Quiz

Who was the Italian explorer that landed in the Bahama Islands in 1492? Christopher Columbus
What do we call the land mass that is believed to have connected Asia and North America, allowing people to migrate and populate the American Continents? Bering Land Bridge
What Spanish explorer is credited with being the first European to discover the great Mississippi River? Hernando de Soto
Of the three major tribes of Mississippi, which is mostly connected to mound building? Natchez
What were the three major tribes of Mississippi? Natchez, Choctaw, Chickasaw
Of the three major tribes, which were considered the more fierce and dominant warriors? Chickasaw
The French made allies with which tribe? Choctaw
The French and Choctaw banded together to fight and nearly destroy which major tribe? Natchez
Which tribe did the English align themselves with in the Mississippi territory? Chickasaw
What title was given to the Natchez' ceremonial leader? The Great Sun
Which major tribe practiced human sacrifice? Natchez
The French built Fort Rosalie in 1716 to protect themselves from which hostile tribe? Natchez
What would we call a small tribe that sought protection from warring tribes or slave traders by joining a larger tribe? refugee tribe
What term means moving from one area or country to another? migration
What would the term "Agrarian" be associated with? farming or agriculture
Which major tribe was associated with superior farming skills? Choctaw
The forced removal of Indian tribes from the state of Mississippi is often referred to as what? The Trail of Tears
What were the mounds of the Natchez Indians used for? Religious ceremonies
When did the building of ceremonial mounds by the Natchez stop? shortly after contact with de Soto
Which tribe took in Natchez refugees after their near destruction by the French and Choctaw? Chickasaw
Which tribe was given the nickname, "Long Hairs?" Choctaw
Created by: davidadams
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