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The Growing Nation

Inauguration Taking office.
Pathfinder Someone who finds a way through an unknown region.
Trespassing Going on someone else's property without asking.
Impressment Taking workers against their will.
War Hawks People who wanted war.
National Anthem A song of praise for a country that is recognized as the official song of that country.
Siege A long-lasting attack.
Nationalism Pride in a country.
Annexed Added on.
Doctrine Government plan of action.
Democracy The people rule, and they are free to make choices about their lives and government.
Ruling A decision.
Manifest Destiny In the 19th century, Americans believed that the U.S. should stretch from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.
Dictator A leader who has complete control of the government.
Cession Something given up.
Gold rush A sudden rush of people to an area where gold was found.
Forty-Niners They were called gold seekers.
Industrial Revolution People using machines instead of hand tools.
Investor A person that uses money to buy or make something that will make a profit
Tech styles The process of making cloth.
Interchangeable Parts Parts that were made exactly alike.
Mass Production Making large amounts of goods at a time.
Supply The amount of a good or service available for sale.
Cotton Gin A machine used to separate seeds from cotton fibers.
Demand The need or the want for a good or service by people who are willing to pay for it.
Patents Licenses to make, use, or sell new inventions.
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