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Word List

1. abandon leave someone who needs or counts on you
2. abase to lower, demean, degrade
3. abate become less in amount or intensity
4. abbreviate shorten
5. abdicate give up, such as power, as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and obligations
6. abduct to kidnap, to carry off by force
7. aberration a deviation from the expected course
8. abet to aid, help, encourage
9. abhor to hate, loathe
10. abide put up with something or somebody unpleasant
11. abject of the most miserable kind
12. abjure (TACHS) to renounce, to give something up
13. abolish to do away with, to destroy completely
14. abort to give up unfinished
15. abridge to abbreviate, to shorten, to condense
16. abrogate to abolish, often by authority
17. abscond to sneak away and hide
18. absolve let off the hook
19. abstemious (TACHS) sparing in consumption of especially food and drink
20. absurd inconsistent with reason or logic or common sense
21. abundant present in great quantity
22. abyss a deep gulf or pit
23. accede to agree
24. accelerate move faster
25. accentuate to emphasize, to highlight
26. access permission or ability to enter or approach
27. acclaim praise or approval
28. acclimate adjust to climate or environment
29. accommodate (1) to be agreeable, acceptable, suitable, (2) to adapt.
30. accommodating obliging, helpful
31. accomplice an assistant to a criminal break the law
32. accost to approach or confront aggressively
33. accuse blame for, make a claim of wrongdoing or misbehavior against
34. accustom to make familiar
35. achieve to gain with effort
36. acknowledge accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority
37. acquiesce (TACHS) to accept without protest
38. acquit pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
39. acrid having a bitter, unpleasant taste
40. acumen keen insight
41. acute sharp, severe
42. adage a condensed but memorable saying embodying an important fact
43. adamant unyielding
44. adapt make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose
45. adhere stick to firmly
46. adjourn close at the end of a session
47. adjunct something added to another thing but not essential to it
48. admire feel admiration for
49. admonish to scold or warn strongly
50. adorn to decorate, to beautify
51. advent coming, arrival
52. adversary someone who offers opposition
53. adverse unfavorable, hostile
54. adversity difficulty, misfortune.
55. aesthetic pertaining to beauty
56. affable diffusing warmth and friendliness
57. affectation a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display
58. affection a fond or tender feeling
59. affluent rich, wealthy
60. agenda a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to
61. aggrandize to increase or make greater
62. aggregate to gather, amass
63. aghast terrified, shocked
64. agile moving nimbly, quickly and lightly
65. agitate move or cause to move back and forth
66. agony intense feelings of suffering
67. agoraphobia an abnormal fear of open or public places
68. agressive quick to attack
69. akimbo with hands on hips
70. alacrity speed readyness
71. algid fridgid, cold
72. allay to sooth, assuage
73. allege to declare that something is true without proof
74. alleviate to lessen, to make easier or lighter
75. allocate assign
76. allure the power to entice or attract through personal charm
77. aloof emotionally distant
78. alter to make different, change
79. altercation an argument, dispute
80. altruistic showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others
81. altrustic unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others
82. amalgamation a union, a merger
83. amass collect or gather
84. amateur someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime
85. ambiguous open to two or more interpretations
86. ambivalent having contradictory feelings
87. amble to stroll, walk
88. ambush a surprise attack
89. ameliorate to make better
90. amend to make better
91. amiable friendly, kind, likeable
92. amoral nonmoral
93. amorous relating to or showing love
94. amorphous shapeless, having no definite form
95. amphibian cold-blooded vertebrate living on land but breeding in water
96. ancestor someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent)
97. ancient very old
98. angst anxiety
99. anguish extreme mental distress
100. angular having the shape of intersecting lines or planes
101. animated lively, spirited. n: animation
102. animosity a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
103. annihilate kill in large numbers
104. announcement a formal public statement
105. annoy to bother
106. anology comparison made between two things to show how they are alike
107. anomaly deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule
108. anonymous having no known name or identity or known source
109. antecedent something that came before
110. antechamber a waiting room
111. antediluvian (TACHS) a very old (or old fashioned) person
112. anthology a collection of selected literary passages
113. anticipate to expect, to foresee
114. antidote a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison
115. antipathy a feeling of intense dislike
116. antiquated obsolete, out of fashion, no longer usable
117. antithesis the direct opposite
118. anxiety uneasiness
119. anxious worried
120. apathetic showing no interest or concern. n: apathy
121. apathy the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally
122. aperture a natural opening in something
123. apex the highest point (of something)
124. apex (TACHS) the highest point (of something)
125. aphorism a short saying
126. apocalypse total devastation, the end of the world
127. apocryphal (TACHS) doubtful in authenticity
128. apparitional ghostly, spectral
129. appraise place a value on
130. apprehend to seize
131. apprehensive nervous or scared about something in the future
132. aqueous similar to or containing or dissolved in water
133. arbitrator one who settles controversy between two sides
134. archaic antiquated, old, out of use
135. ardent characterized by intense emotion
136. ardor intense feeling of love
137. arduous difficult, demanding, grueling
138. arid lacking sufficient water or rainfall
139. aroma any property detected by the sense of smell
140. arouse to excite or bring about
141. array an impressive display
142. arrest the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal)
143. arrogant overly proud, boastful
144. articulate expressing yourself easily or characterized by clear expressive language
145. artifice a deceptive maneuver, especially to avoid capture
146. artificial made by human beings and not by nature
147. ascend travel up, we ascended the mountain
148. ascertain learn or discover with confidence
149. ascetic one who practices restraint as a means of selfdiscipline
150. aspire have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal
151. assassinate to murder for political reasons
152. assert to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true
153. assess to measure the value of something
154. asset a useful or valuable quality
155. assign select something or someone for a specific purpose
156. assimilate to absorb fully or make one's own
157. assist give help or assistance
158. assuage to calm
159. assume to take for granted
160. assure make certain of
161. astonish affect with wonder
162. astound affect with wonder
163. astute marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
164. atone to make amends, to reconcile
165. atrocity an act of shocking cruelty
166. audacious excessively bold
167. audacity aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery
168. augment to increase or make larger
169. austere of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor
170. authentic real, genuine
171. authoritative of recognized power or excellence
172. authority official permission or approval
173. autocrat (TACHS) a cruel and oppressive dictator
174. aversion dislike, hatred
175. avert to turn away, to sidetrack
176. avuncular (TACHS) like an uncle in kindness or indulgence
177. aware knowing about something
178. baleful harmful, threatening
179. banal obvious and dull
180. bane the cause of ruin, harm, distress, or death
181. banish to force to leave
182. bard a poet, often a singer as well
183. barren non
184. barrier a structure or object that impedes free movement
185. battery an assault or an array of similar things intended for use together
186. beguile attract; cause to be enamored
187. belittle put someone down
188. bellicose (TACHS) warlike
189. belligerence hostile or warlike attitude or nature
190. belligerent given to fighting, warlike
191. benefactor a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help)
192. beneficial promoting or enhancing well-being
193. benevolence disposition to do good
194. benevolent kind, generous. n: benevolence
195. benighted (TACHS) lacking enlightenment or knowledge or culture
196. benign harmless
197. berate to scold severely
198. bereft without, devoid of
199. bestow to present as a gift of honor
200. bewildered perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements
201. bias prejudice, opinion that prevents someone from being impartial
202. bide to wait, or remain in a condition
203. bile a digestive juice secreted by the liver
204. bilk to cheat, to swindle
205. bizarre extremely strange, unusual, atypical
206. blandish to coax through flattery
207. blatant offensively obvious
208. bleak dreamy, miserable, without much hope
209. blight anything that destroys, prevents growth, or causes devaluation
210. bliss a state of extreme happiness
211. blithe (TACHS) happy
212. bloated swollen, bigger than desired
213. boisterous loud, energetic
214. bolster support and strengthen
215. boon (TACHS) gift
216. bore to tire with repetition, to make a hole by drilling
217. boredom the condition of being unexcited
218. botanist a biologist specializing in the study of plants
219. bounty the property of copious abundance
220. bourgeois middle class
221. brash hasty or lacking in sensitivity
222. bravado a swaggering show of courage
223. brazen excessively bold, brash
224. breach a rift or tear
225. brevity brief in duration, does not last long
226. brumal wintry, relating to winter
227. brusque short, abrupt, dismissive
228. buffet a spread of food involving choices
229. bungle to handle badly, botch
230. burgeon to begin to grow or blossom
231. burnish polish and make shiny
232. cache a hidden storage space
233. cacophony bad noise
234. cadence rhythm
235. cajole to urge, coax
236. calamity an event resulting in great loss and misfortune
237. callous thick
238. calm undisturbed, composed
239. calumny an attempt to defame another's reputation
240. camaraderie cheerful unity among a group
241. camouflage an outward semblance misrepresenting the nature of something
242. candid honest, out in the open
243. candid (TACHS) openly straightforward and direct without reserve or secretiveness
244. candor the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech
245. canine a dog or related mammal
246. cantankerous stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate
247. canvas a piece of cloth on which an artist paints
248. capitulate to surrender or acquiesce
249. capitulate (TACHS) surrender under agreed conditions
250. caprice a sudden desire
251. capricious unpredictable, changing without reason
252. captivate to hold the interest of, to gain the attention of
253. capture to take captive by force
254. carouse to revel, to party
255. cascade a small waterfall or series of small waterfalls
256. catalyst something that causes an important event to happen
257. catastrophe a sudden violent change in the earth's surface
258. cater to satisfy the needs of, try to make things easy and pleasant
259. cautious careful
260. cavity a hollow area or hole
261. cavort to frolic, leap, prance
262. cease stop
263. celestial relating to the sky or the heavens
264. censor to remove vulgar, obscene, or objectionable material from
265. chaff worthless matter
266. chaff (TACHS) material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds
267. chagrin strong feelings of embarrassment
268. chaos confusion, a state of disorganization, anarchy
269. chaperone one who supervises over young, unmarried people
270. charismatic charming. n: charisma
271. chasm a deep opening in the earth's surface
272. chastise to criticize, to scold
273. chicanery the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)
274. chide to scold midly
275. choleric characterized by anger
276. choreographed arranged, as in dance
277. chronic frequent, persistent
278. circumlocution indirect language
279. circumlocution (TACHS) talking in a roundabout way
280. circumscribe draw a geometric figure around another figure
281. circumspect cautious
282. circumvent to go around
283. citation a quoting of an authoritative source
284. civilian a nonmilitary person
285. clairvoyant able to see things that others cannot
286. clamber to climb with difficulty
287. clandestine marked by secrecy
288. classification systematic grouping
289. claustrophobia an abnormal fear of closed or crowed spaces
290. cliché a trite, overused expression
291. climax a high point or an ending of a series of events
292. clumsy ackward
293. clutch to hold tightly
294. coalesce to combine into one
295. coax to influence or urge through flattery
296. coddle to treat like a baby, to pamper
297. cogent intelligent, pesuasive
298. cogitate (TACHS) use or exercise the mind or one's power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments
299. cognizant (TACHS) (usually followed by 'of') having knowledge or understanding
300. coherent clear, understandable
301. collaborate to work together on
302. colleague n: a co-worker or fellow classmate
303. collision an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object
304. colloquial informal, conversational
305. collusion a conspiracy, a secret agreement
306. colossus an enormous structure
307. comatose lethargic
308. combination the result of merging two or more substances
309. comical funny, amusing
310. commence to start, to begin
311. commendable worthy of praise
312. commodious spacious, roomy
313. communicative able or tending to transmit a message
314. compassion deep awareness of the suffering of another
315. compassionate kind, sympathetic. n: compassion
316. compatible getting along well with other people
317. compel to urge, to obtain be force
318. competent being able, qualified
319. compile to put together or compose from materials gathered from several sources
320. complacent content to a fault, unconcerned
321. complement to form to the finishing part, to go well with
322. complicit being an accomplice in a wrong act
323. complicity involvement in a questionable act or crime
324. compliment an admiring remark, honor, regards
325. composure mental calmness
326. comprehend get the meaning of something
327. compulsory required, enforced
328. conceal to hide, to keep from observation or understanding
329. concede to grant or give in, to accept as true
330. conceited ...
331. concept thought, idea, notion
332. conciliatory agreeable, friendly
333. concise brief and to the point, using few words
334. concoct to make up or invent
335. concord agreement
336. concur to agree
337. condemn to criticize, to sentence
338. condense to reduce or make more compact
339. condescend to look down on, to display arrogance.
340. condescending treating people as weak or inferior
341. condone to overlook, forgive, disregard
342. conduit a pipe, passage, channel
343. confidential given in secret
344. confluence a convergence, a coming together
345. conform to be obedient, to go along with the crowd
346. confound to frustrate
347. congenial friendly, sociable
348. connotation a meaning or association suggested by a word beyond its definition
349. conscientious with principles, according to conscience
350. consecrate to set apart as sacred
351. consecutive organized, in a row
352. consent agree
353. console to soothe in time of sadness, affliction or distress
354. console (TACHS) to comfort
355. conspicuous obvious
356. constitute to amount to ,equal
357. constrict to squeeze, to obstruct
358. consular having to do with an officer in the foreign service of a country
359. contemplate to consider, to ponder, to meditate
360. contemplation a calm, lengthy, intent consideration
361. contempt open disrespect or hatred
362. contemptuous scornful
363. contend compete for something
364. contentious showing an inclination to disagree
365. contrite feeling regret or sorrow
366. controlled restrained
367. contusion bruise, injury
368. convalescence the gradual return to health after illness
369. convene meet formally
370. conventional ordinary, commonplace
371. convoluted complicated
372. copious abundant
373. cordial polite, friendly
374. core basic, the central or innermost part
375. corporeal having material or physical form or substance
376. corpulent very fat
377. cosmopolitan worldly, sophisticated
378. countenance the appearance conveyed by a person's face
379. counterfeit (TACHS) a copy that is represented as the original
380. couplet a stanza consisting of two successive lines of verse
381. courageous brave, valiant
382. courier a person who carries a message
383. courteous polite. n: courtesy
384. covet to want or desire
385. creativity imaginative, expressive, original
386. credulity readiness to believe
387. credulous willing to believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence
388. cringe to shrink back to cower
389. critical inclined to judge and find fault
390. crook curve, bend, criminal
391. crucial extremely significant or important
392. crucible a hard test of patience or believe
393. crucify to torment, or mortify
394. crude raw, unrefined
395. cryptic secret, mysterious
396. crystalline resembling crystal
397. cuckold a man married to an unfaithful wife
398. cue a reminder or prompting
399. culpable responsible for a wrong or error, blameworthy
400. cursory brief to the point of being superficial
401. curtail to cut short, abbreviate
402. cynical believing the worst about people or events
403. daft insane, foolish
404. daunting intimidating
405. dawdle take more time than necessary
406. deadlock a situation in which no progress can be made
407. dearth scarce supply, a lack of
408. debilitate to sap the strength or energy
409. debris the remains of something that has been destroyed
410. decade a period of 10 years
411. deceive to cheat, to be false
412. decisive characterized by decision and firmness
413. decorum appropriate behavior or conduct
414. decree an authoritative order
415. defame to destroy the reputation of
416. defection withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility
417. defer to put off, postpone
418. defer (TACHS) submit or yield to another's wish or opinion
419. defiance resisting or opposing authority
420. deficient lacking, not up to normal standards
421. deft quick and skillful in movement
422. defunct no longer used or existing
423. degenerate to deteriorate
424. degrade to demote, to wear down
425. dehydrate remove water from
426. dejected depressed, sad. n: dejection
427. delectable delicious
428. delete to eliminate, to erase, to take away
429. deleterious having a harmful or bad effect
430. delude to deceive, to mislead
431. deluge a great flood or something that overwhelms like a flood
432. denounce to condemn openly as evil
433. deny declare untrue
434. depict to represent
435. deplete (TACHS) use up (resources or materials)
436. deplore express strong disapproval of
437. depressing making you feel sad
438. deprived lacking, not having
439. derelict rundown, abandoned
440. desertion act of leaving or abandoning
441. desolate deserted, lifeless
442. desolation sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned
443. despair to lose hope or confidence
444. despicable very bad, contemptible
445. despondent discouraged, hopeless, depressed
446. destitute extremely poor
447. detached separated, not connected
448. detain stop or halt
449. detention act of keeping back or detaining, like causing someone to stay after school for a punishment
450. deter to hamper, to block, to get in the way
451. detest to dislike intensely
452. devastate cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly
453. devotee an ardent follower and admirer
454. devour eat immoderately
455. devout holy, religious
456. dexterity adroitness in using the hands
457. dexterous skillful in physical movements
458. diaphanous transparent
459. dictate to pronounce, command, prescribe
460. differentiate to distinguish, to make different
461. diffidence timid, shy
462. dilapidated broken down and shabby
463. dilemma a situation that requires a choice between two options that seem equal
464. dilettante an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge
465. diligent steadily persevering to complete a task. n: diligence
466. diminish to make smaller
467. diminutive miniature, small
468. din a loud harsh or strident noise
469. dingy thickly covered with ingrained dirt or soot
470. diplomatic relating to negotiation between nations
471. disaffect to cause to lose affection or loyalty
472. disarray disorder, chaos
473. disavow to deny responsibility for or connection with
474. discard to throw away or reject
475. disclaim make a disavowal about
476. disconcert to upset, ruffle
477. discover get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
478. discredit to damage reputation
479. discreet careful about what one says or does
480. discrete separate, distinct, individual
481. discriminating able to see differences
482. discursive tending to cover a wide range of subjects
483. disdain arrogance, scorn, v: to display scorn.
484. disfavored disliked
485. disingenuous insincere, false, phony
486. dismal gloomy, dreadful
487. disorganized lacking order or methodical arrangement, messy
488. disparage to criticize, degrade, belittle
489. dispence to administer, to deal or give out portions
490. dispose give, sell, or transfer to another
491. disposition mood, temper
492. dispute the act of coming into conflict
493. disseminate cause to become widely known
494. dissolute loose in one's morals or behavior
495. dissonance lack of harmony or agreement
496. distinguished set apart
497. distort to twist, to deform
498. distraction something that diverts attention away from the original focus
499. distress cause strain, anxiety or suffering
500. divergent differing in opinions, going in different directions
501. diverse varied
502. divert to amuse, to distract
503. divisive creating conflict
504. divulge to reveal, to disclose
505. docile obedient, tame
506. dodge to avoid by moving quickly aside
507. doff remove
508. dogged stubbornly unyielding
509. dogmatic pertaining to a code of beliefs accepted as authoritative
510. domicile a residence, a home
511. don to put on
512. doppelganger a ghostly double of a living person
513. dormant inactive, a state of resembling sleep
514. dormant (TACHS) not active but capable of becoming active
515. dour gloomy
516. douse to drench, saturate
517. dread be afraid or scared of (e.g. dread going somewhere)
518. dreary depressing and boring
519. dross (TACHS) worthless material that should be removed
520. dull not clear, blunt
521. dutiful careful to fulfill obligations
522. dwindle to diminish, to become gradually less
523. dynamic characterized by continuous change or activity
524. ease lessen pain or discomfort
525. ebb to shrink, diminish, dwindle
526. ebullient joyously unrestrained
527. eccentric abnormal
528. eclectic made up of a variety of sources or styles
529. economical avoiding waste, using the minimal amount of time or money
530. ecstasy intense joy or delight
531. ecstatic in a state of intense joy or happiness
532. eddy a miniature whirlpool or whirlwind
533. edible fit to be eaten
534. eerie scary, creepy, mysterious
535. effect a phenomenon that is caused by some previous phenomenon
536. egress (TACHS) an exit
537. elaborate add details, say more
538. elegance a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste
539. elegy a sad or mournful poem
540. elevate to move to a higher place, to promote
541. elitist the belief that certain persons are superior
542. elocution the art of public speaking
543. elongate to make longer
544. eloquent having fluency and polish in speech
545. elucidate to make clear, to explain
546. elusive skillful at evading capture
547. emaciate to waste away, make thin and weak
548. embellish make more attractive, as by adding ornament or color
549. embellishment decoration
550. embroil to involve in a conflict or difficulty
551. eminent standing above others in quality or position
552. emit to give off, to send
553. emotion any strong feeling
554. empathetic feeling another’s pain as own's own
555. empathy understanding another's feelings. adj: empathetic
556. emphatic forceful, spoken with emphasis
557. empirical relying on or derived from observation or experiment
558. emulate to copy or imitate, to look up to
559. enact order by virtue of superior authority; decree
560. encompass include in scope
561. encounter a meeting, confrontation
562. endeavor to make an attempt, n: an attempt
563. endemic native to or confined to a certain region
564. endorse approve of
565. endure to suffer, to put up with something unpleasant. n: endurance
566. energetic active
567. enervate to weaken, make weary
568. enervated lacking energy, weakened, exhausted
569. engaging interesting, charming, attractive
570. engender to cause, to produce, to create, to bring forth
571. enhance to increase in value, to make better
572. enigma something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
573. enigmatic not clear to the understanding
574. enlighten to inform or make clear
575. enlightened people who have been introduced to the mysteries of some field or activity
576. enmity mutual hatred
577. entail have as a logical consequence
578. entangle twist together or entwine into a confusing mass
579. enthrall to hold the attention of, to captivate
580. enthusiastic excited
581. entice provoke someone to do something through persuasion
582. entity something that exists as a discrete unit
583. entomology the study of insects
584. entourage the group following and attending to some important person
585. entrust give trust to
586. envelop to enclose
587. envious jealous
588. eon an immeasurably long period of time
589. ephemeral lasting a very short time
590. epitome a representation of , a standard or typical example
591. equity conformity with rules or standards
592. equivocate (TACHS) to lie using ambiguous language
593. era a period marked by distinctive character
594. erect to construct, to raise
595. erode to wear away, to cause to deteriorate
596. err make a mistake
597. erroneous mistaken, incorrect
598. erudite having or showing profound knowledge
599. esoteric intended for a small group
600. essential basic or necessary
601. esteem respect, admiration
602. estimate to make an educated guess or rough guess
603. eternal never
604. ethereal intangible, something you cannot see or touch
605. etiquette rules governing socially acceptable behavior
606. euphoric feeling of great happiness
607. evacuate to empty or remove contents
608. evade to avoid, to dodge
609. evaluate place a value on
610. evanescence lasting a short time, fading away gradually
611. evecuate to empty, to remove
612. evenhanded fair, showing no favoritism
613. evict to expel, to throw out a tenant
614. evoke to summon or call forth
615. evoke (TACHS) to call forth
616. exacerbate to make worse, aggravate
617. exasperate to annoy, irritate. adj: exasperating
618. excavate to expose or uncover
619. excel to do better than, surpass
620. exceptional well above average, extraordinary
621. excess a surplus, too much
622. excise to cut out, to remove
623. excursion a trip, an outing
624. exemplary worthy of example or praise
625. exhort urge on or encourage especially by shouts
626. exigent critical, urgent
627. existential relating to existence
628. exonerate free from guilt or blame
629. exorbitant excessive
630. exotic interesting as a result of being foreign
631. expand extend in one or more directions
632. expedient quick, practical
633. expedite to speed up, to execute efficiently
634. experiment a test
635. exploit (1) v: to take advantage of, (2) n: a bold action or deed
636. expose to make known, visible
637. expunge remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line
638. extemporaneous carried out with little preparation
639. extend to stretch out
640. extinct no longer in existence
641. extol to praise
642. extraction taking out something
643. extravagant excessive, over the top, costing too much
644. extricate release from entanglement or difficulty
645. extrovert a sociable, outgoing person. adj: extroverted
646. extroverted at ease in talking to others
647. exuberant excited, lively, energetic
648. fabricate to invent, makeup, concoct
649. fabrication something that has been made
650. fabulist a teller of fables; a liar
651. facile easy
652. facilitate to make easier
653. failure an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose
654. faithful worthy of trust, full of belief
655. fallacious incorrect, misleading
656. fallacy a false notion
657. familial relating to family
658. familiar well known or easily recognized
659. fanatic a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm
660. fare a fee
661. fatal bringing death
662. fathom to measure the depth of water, to comprehend
663. fatigue exhaustion, tiredness. adj: fatigued
664. fatuous foolish
665. fauna all the animal life in a particular region or period
666. fecund fertile, fruitful
667. feeble weak, faint, lacking strength
668. feign to pretend
669. felicity pleasing and appropriate manner or style
670. feral savage, wild, untamed
671. ferocious marked by extreme and violent energy
672. ferocity ferocious or fierce
673. fervent characterized by intense emotion
674. fetter to restrain, chain, tie
675. fey magical
676. fiasco utter failure
677. fickle not reliable or dependable, changing opinions frequently
678. fidelity faithfulness, loyalty
679. figurative symbolic
680. finale, the closing section of a musical composition
681. firmament the sky, the heavens
682. fiscal relating to finances
683. flabbergasted astounded, stupefied
684. flaccid limp
685. flagrant conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible
686. flatter to praise excessively or dishonestly. n: flattery
687. flattery compliments, sycophancy
688. fleeting passing quickly
689. flexible responds well to change, adaptable
690. flout to scorn, ignore, show contempt for
691. fluctuate to change or vary, to rise or fall like waves
692. fluent able to express oneself easily
693. fluster tol make nervous, confused or bothered
694. flux a state of constant change or a flow
695. foolish lack of sense or judgement
696. forage to rummage, scavenge, graze for food
697. forebear an ancestor, a person from whom one is descended
698. forerunner a person who goes before or announces the coming of another
699. foreshadow gives clues that suggest what might happen in the future
700. forestall to delay, impede
701. forlorn lonely, hopeless
702. formidable arousing fear or alarm
703. forsake to give up or renounce
704. fortify to strengthen
705. fortitude strength of mind that allows one to go through pain or hard times with courage
706. fortuitous lucky, occurring by chance
707. foster to bring up or nurture
708. fragile frail, easily broken
709. frantic uncontrolled excitement or emotion
710. frenetic frenzied, hectic, frantic
711. fret to worry
712. frivolous silly, not serious
713. frugal thrifty, economical, sparing
714. fulsome unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech
715. furious extreme anger
716. furtive secretive or stealthy
717. fusion the act of fusing (or melting) together
718. futile useless, hopeless, not worth attempting
719. gala a festive occasion or celebration
720. gape to open the mouth and stare stupidly
721. garb clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion
722. garish tastelessly showy, flashy
723. garrulous tiresomely talkative
724. gaudy showy in a tasteless way
725. gay happy, cheery, or homosexual
726. germinate sprout; produce buds or branches
727. gibberish nonsensical talking or writing
728. glamorous full of charm and elegance
729. glee great merriment
730. glib performed with a natural, offhand ease
731. gloomy dreary, dark or dismal
732. gluttonous insatiable in appetite
733. goad to urge, to provoke into action
734. gossamer something flimsy or delicate, or light
735. gourmand one who likes eating and drinking
736. gracious charming, generous, polite
737. grandiose extraordinary, grand in scope
738. gratify to please, to satisfy, to give in to what is desired
739. grave serious, somber
740. gregarious seeking and enjoying the company of others
741. grievance a complaint
742. grieve to express deep sadness because of a loss
743. grimace a facial expression showing pain or disgust
744. grotesque distorted and unnatural in shape or size
745. grotto a small cave or cavern
746. groundbreaker someone who helps to open up a new line of research or technology or art...original
747. grovel to beg
748. gruesome shockingly repellent; inspiring horror
749. guile shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception
750. gullible easily tricked , naive and easily deceived or tricked
751. gusty windy, sudden outburst
752. hail to come from
753. hallow to make holy
754. hallowed worthy of religious veneration
755. halt to cause to stop
756. hamper to prevent movement or action, put at a disadvantage
757. hapless unlucky
758. harass to annoy persistently, to bother
759. harbinger something indicating the approach of something or someone
760. harmony agreement, often of sound
761. harrowing agonizing, distressing
762. harsh disagreeable to the senses
763. hasty excessively quick
764. haughty very proud in an unpleasant way, arrogant
765. headstrong stubborn, disobedient
766. hedonist one whose primary pursuit is pleasure
767. heed to pay attention to, to mind
768. heinous shockingly brutal or cruel
769. heir one who inherits or succeeds to the property, rank or office of another
770. henchman a trusted follower, goon
771. herbivorous feeding only on plants
772. heresy beliefs that go against religion
773. hermit one who prefers to live alone
774. hesitant acting with uncertainty or lack of confidence
775. heterogeneous to be different, mixed
776. hew to strike or cut often with an axe
777. hexagon a six-sided polygon
778. hiatus an interruption in continuity, a break
779. hibernate be in an inactive or dormant state
780. hiemal wintry, relating to winter
781. hierarchy a ranking system of groups or individuals
782. hinder to hamper to block
783. histrionic excessively dramatic or emotional
784. hive a structure that provides a natural habitation for bees
785. homage honor or respect shown publicly
786. homeliness not attractive
787. homogeneous to be the same or similar, uniform
788. horrendous awful, dreadful
789. hostile very unfriendly or showing ill will
790. hovel small crude shelter used as a dwelling
791. humane kindness, kind, merciful
792. humble not proud
793. humid containing or characterized by a great deal of water vapor
794. humility freedom from pride
795. humorously in a funny way
796. hyperbole a figure of speech where exaggeration is used,
797. hypocrite someone who says one thing and does another.
798. hysterical having excessive and uncontrollable emotion.
799. idle lazy, not active
800. idolatrous worshiping excessively an object or person
801. idolatry worship idols
802. ignite cause to start burning
803. ignoble (TACHS) completely lacking nobility in character or quality or purpose
804. ignorant lacking knowledge or education
805. illiteracy an inability to read
806. illuminate to make clear, to give light to
807. illusion a misleading image, an hallucination
808. illusory deceptive, produced by an illusion
809. imitate to copy actions or appearance
810. immaculate pure, very clean, free from stain or blemish
811. immense extremely large
812. imminent about to happen
813. immortal living forever
814. immutable not susceptible to change
815. impair make worse or less effective
816. impartial neutral
817. impasse deadlock, a point where nobody can win
818. impassive lack of emotion
819. impatient not wanting to wait, eager, ready to go
820. impeccable perfect, no flaws
821. impecunious excessively poor
822. impede to slow the progress of, to hinder
823. impede (TACHS) block passage through
824. imperious (adj.) overbearing, arrogant
825. impermeable preventing especially liquids to pass or diffuse through...raincoats are impermeable
826. impervious not affected or hurt by
827. impious lacking piety or reverence for a god
828. implausible difficult to believe
829. imply suggest, to hint
830. impolite without consideration for others
831. impoverished reduced to being poor
832. impropriety not being proper, improper
833. improvise perform without preparation
834. impudent rude, improper
835. inadvertent happening by chance or unexpectedly or unintentionally
836. inane lacking sense
837. inane (TACHS) complacently or inanely foolish
838. inanimate appearing dead of lifeless
839. inattentive not paying attention
840. inaudible impossible to hear
841. inaugurate to install in office with a formal ceremony
842. incapacitate to deprive of strength or ability
843. incentive motive, stimulus
844. incessant not ceasing, endless
845. incisive clear, sharp, direct
846. incite provoke or stir up
847. inclement stormy, bad, severe
848. inclination a tendency, propensity
849. incongruous not consistant
850. incredulous disbelieving, skeptical
851. incriminate to accuse of
852. indecent improper behavior
853. indelible (TACHS) cannot be removed, washed away or erased
854. index a sign, something that reveals
855. indicate designate a place, direction, person, or thing
856. indictment accusation of wrongdoing
857. indifferent showing no interest or concern. n: indifference
858. indignant outraged, angry at something unjust.
859. indignation anger due to an unfair situation
860. indolent (TACHS) disinclined to work or exertion, lazy
861. industrial diligent, hardworking, (2) related to making goods and services. n: industry
862. industrious hard working, conscientious, productive
863. inert unable to move or resist motion
864. inevitable unavoidable, expected
865. inextricable hopelessly confused or tangled
866. infect contaminate with a disease or a bad idea
867. infectious relating to the invasion of germs that cause disease
868. infer to deduce, to conclude
869. inferior lower in rank or quality
870. infinite having no boundaries or limits
871. infirmity physical or mental weakness or defect
872. infraction violation, breaking of a law or rule
873. infuriate to anger or enrage. adj: infuriating
874. infuse to inject
875. ingenious marked by special intelligence
876. ingenuity the power of creative imagination
877. inhabit to love or dwell, to occupy, to reside
878. inimical hostile, threatening
879. iniquity a wicked act, a sin
880. initiate to begin
881. inkling a hint, a vague idea
882. innate inborn, born with
883. innocent free from sin
884. innocuous harmless
885. innovations something newly introduced
886. inquisitor someone who asks questions or makes an inquiry
887. insincere to not be honest when expressing a feeling
888. insinuation an indirect (and usually malicious) implication
889. insolent rude or disrespectful
890. insomnia an inability to sleep
891. insurgent in opposition to a civil authority or government
892. integrity honesty, high moral standards
893. intelligent smart, knowledgeable
894. intermission the break between parts of a play, opera, or concert
895. interrogate to examine, to question
896. intrepid courageous, fearless
897. introvert a person who has a quiet, reserved personality. adj: introverted
898. inundate to flood
899. invariable not susceptible to change
900. invective a verbal attack
901. inveterate habitual, natural
902. invincible unbeatable, unconquerable
903. irascible easily angered
904. irate extremely angry
905. ire (TACHS) anger
906. irony a difference between what is expected and what actually occurs
907. irrelevant unrelated, inappropriate
908. jeer to laugh at with scorn, n: a scornful laugh
909. jeopardize put at risk
910. jocular joking, characterized by joking, humorous
911. jovial cheery
912. joyful glad, happy
913. jubilant joyful and proud especially because of triumph or success
914. judicious of sound judgment
915. justifiable can be shown to be right or just
916. juvenile young or immature
917. juxtapose to put next to each other
918. kidnap to sieze and detain unlawfully
919. kindle to start a fire burning, to arouse, to stir up
920. kinetic relating to the motion of material bodies and their forces
921. labyrinthine intricate, mazelike
922. laceration a cut, a rip
923. lachrymose tearful
924. laconic using few words
925. lagoon a body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef
926. lament to mourn or grieve
927. latent present but hidden
928. laud to applaud or praise
929. laudable worthy of high praise
930. laudatory admiring, praising
931. laurels a shrub or a tree
932. lavish extravagant
933. lax lacking strictness, loose
934. lenient tolerant, not strict, indulgent
935. lethargic feeling lazy due to sleepiness
936. lethargy lack of energy
937. lewd vulgar, offensive, rude
938. lexicon (TACHS) dictionary
939. libel a statement giving an unjust or unfavorable representation of a person or thing
940. licentious amoral, lawless, lewd
941. limber bending or flexing readily, pliable
942. limit the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed
943. limpid clear, easily understood
944. linchpin something that holds separate things together
945. linger to be slow in leaving
946. liquefy to become liquid
947. lithe graceful, flexible, supple
948. lively full of energy or spirit
949. livid furious
950. loquacious talkative
951. loyal faithful, unwavering in devotion to friend or a cause
952. lucid clear, unclouded, unambiguous, expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner
953. ludicrous broadly or extravagantly humorous
954. lull a relatively calm interval, as in a storm
955. luminescence light from nonthermal sources
956. lunge the act of moving forward suddenly
957. magnanimous generous, noble
958. magnificence greatness or splendor
959. magnify to increase in significance, exaggerate
960. malady a disease or disorder
961. malaise vague feeling of discomfort
962. malcontent dissatisfied with conditions, discontented
963. malevolent wicked, hateful
964. malfunction fail to work properly
965. malicious intending to harm or cause suffering n: malice
966. malign to slander, to smear, to libel, to defame, to speak evil of
967. malleable easily shaped or formed
968. mandatory required, compulsory, obligatory
969. manifest to show clearly
970. manifold many
971. mannequin life sized statue of a human
972. mar render imperfect
973. marvel be amazed at
974. masticate to chew
975. matrimony marriage
976. maudlin sentimental
977. maxim a common saying of advice or virtue
978. meager spare, skimpy, not enough
979. meander (TACHS) to wander about, wind about
980. meddlesome incline to interfere
981. mediate to intervene, to arbitrate, to sort out
982. mediocre ordinary, inferior to high quality
983. medley an assortment of items, or one song composed of
984. meek humble, tame
985. melancholy sadness
986. melodramatic exaggeratedly emotional or sentimental; histrionic
987. mendacious inclined to lie or mislead
988. mendicant (TACHS) a beggar
989. mentor a wise and loyal advisor
990. merciless without kindness or pity
991. mercurial quick and changeable in temperment
992. merge to blend, to combine into one
993. meritorious deserving of praise or merit
994. merry jolly,
995. metamorphosis a change of form, shape or substance
996. meticulous careful and precise
997. mettle courage and fortitude
998. migrate to move from one place to another
999. mimic to copy or imitate closely
1000. minuscule tiny
1001. miserable very unhappy
1002. misguided lead astray
1003. misogyny hatred of women
1004. misty vague or hazy
1005. mitigate make less severe or harsh
1006. mock to ridicule or make fun of. n: mockery
1007. moderation not too much or too little of something
1008. modern relating to recent times or present
1009. modest not thinking too highly of oneself
1010. modicum a small amount of something
1011. mollify to calm or soothe
1012. monogamy having only one spouse at a time
1013. monotonous always the same
1014. mores moral attitudes
1015. morose gloomy, brooding
1016. mortify to shame, to humiliate
1017. mosaic a design made by using small color pieces of tile or glass in a service
1018. mourn to express sadness or grief
1019. mundane ordinary
1020. munificent generous, benevolent
1021. murky clouded as with sediment
1022. mutability capability of change
1023. mutable changeable
1024. mute unable to speak
1025. myopic shortsighted
1026. myriad consisting of a very great number
1027. mysterious very hard to explain or understand
1028. nadir (TACHS) the lowest point
1029. naive childlike, unexperienced, innocent
1030. narrate to tell a story
1031. nauseous causing a sick feeling
1032. navigate to plan, control or record the course, direct carefully and safely
1033. nebulous indistinct, hazy
1034. necessitates to require or compel
1035. nefarious horribly villainous
1036. neologism the creation of new words, or a new word
1037. neonate a newborn baby
1038. nimble moving quickly and lightly
1039. noisome foul, offensive, particularly to the sense of smell
1040. nomad a person who constantly travels, never settling
1041. nonchalant casual, calm, unconcerned
1042. notoriety infamy, known in bad regard
1043. notorious famous for something bad
1044. novel strikingly new, unusual, or different
1045. noxious harmful
1046. obdurate stubborn, resistant
1047. obese excessively fat
1048. obfuscate to render incomprehensible
1049. obligatory required or demanded
1050. oblique (TACHS) indirect in departing from the accepted or proper way
1051. oblivious unaware, inattentive
1052. obnoxious causing disapproval or protest
1053. obscure hard to understand, hidden,
1054. obsequious excessively compliant or submissive
1055. observation the act of taking a patient look
1056. obsolete old fashioned, no longer in use
1057. obstinate stubborn, disobedient. n: obstinacy
1058. obstreperous (TACHS) boisterously and noisily aggressive
1059. obstruct block passage through
1060. obtuse of an angle, between 90 and 180 degrees
1061. odious (TACHS) unequivocally detestable
1062. officious offering unwanted help or service
1063. olfactory relating to the sense of smell
1064. ominous foreboding or foreshadowing evil, portentous
1065. omit to leave out , to overlook, to neglect
1066. opaque not letting light through
1067. opportune suitable or advantageous especially for a particular purpose
1068. option one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen
1069. opulent (TACHS) rich and superior in quality, having great wealth
1070. oration a formal address or speech
1071. orbit the path of a celestial body in its revolution about another
1072. ostentatious intended to attract notice and impress others
1073. ostracize exclude from a group
1074. outcast a person who is rejected (from society or home)
1075. outlandish bizzarre
1076. overwrought extremely nervous or excited
1077. pacify to sooth, ease
1078. palatable acceptable to the taste or mind
1079. palpable capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind
1080. panegyric (TACHS) a formal expression of praise
1081. paradox a statement that contradicts itself
1082. paragon model of perfection
1083. paramount (TACHS) having superior power and influence
1084. pardon excusing a mistake or offense
1085. pariah an outcast
1086. parody a satirical imitation
1087. passive lacking in energy or will, submissive
1088. patent clear, apparent
1089. pathos (TACHS) a quality that arouses emotions (especially pity or sorrow)
1090. patronizing act superior, treat someone in a way that is degrading
1091. pedagogue a schoolteacher
1092. peddle to travel about selling something
1093. pedestrian a person who travels by foot
1094. peer to look intently or with difficulty
1095. peevish irritable, cranky
1096. pellucid clear
1097. penchant a tendency, partiality, preference
1098. perceive to have an understanding of
1099. perceptive sharp understanding
1100. peregrinate to travel from place to place on foot
1101. perfidious (TACHS) tending to betray
1102. perfunctory showing little enthusiasm, done as duty
1103. perimeter the boundary of a closed figure
1104. peripatetic (TACHS) walking
1105. perish to become destroyed or ruined
1106. perjury the act of lying under oath
1107. permanence permanent, forever
1108. permeate to spread out, to pervade
1109. pernicious (TACHS) extremely harmful
1110. perpetuate to make permanent or long lasting
1111. persevere be persistent, refuse to stop
1112. persist refuse to stop, be persistent
1113. personable pleasant in appearance pr personality
1114. personify to represent, attribute human qualities to something
1115. pertinacious stubbornly persistent, holding to a belief or position
1116. perturb to disturb, to bother
1117. peruse to examine carefully
1118. pervasive to spread throughout
1119. petrify change into stone
1120. petty having small or little importance, narrow in outlook
1121. petulance irritability, impoliteness
1122. physiognomy the art of judging human character from facial features
1123. pied (TACHS) having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly
1124. pinnacle the highest point
1125. pious having or showing or expressing reverence for a deity
1126. pique to provoke or to cause indignation, anger
1127. pithy succinctly meaningful
1128. pittance very small amount
1129. pity to feel sorry for
1130. placate to soothe, to satisfy, to appease
1131. placid quiet, calm, serene
1132. plagiarism taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own
1133. plausible appearing worthy of belief, reasonable
1134. plea a humble request for help from someone in authority
1135. pleasant merry, lively
1136. pledge a promise
1137. plethora a great number, an abundance
1138. pliable flexible
1139. plight extremely unpleasant condition
1140. pluck to pull off or out,
1141. plump well rounded, chubby
1142. plunge to throw forcefully
1143. poach to hunt or fish illegally
1144. poignant piercing, emotionally moving
1145. poised balanced, readied
1146. polygamy having more than one spouse at a time
1147. pompous overly self
1148. ponder to think about
1149. portentous foreboding or forshadowing evil, ominous
1150. portly fat, chubby, round
1151. postpone delay or put off
1152. potent powerful, efective
1153. potential possible
1154. poverty being poor
1155. pragmatic practical, useful. n: pragmatist
1156. praiseworthy worthy of high praise
1157. preach deliver a sermon
1158. precarious dangerously unstable, unsafe
1159. precise exact, definite
1160. precocious talented beyond one's age, appearing or developing early
1161. precursor an indication of the approach of something or someone ..(a dark cloud could be a precursor of rain)
1162. predator an animal that lives by killing and eating other animals, a person who lives by stealing from others
1163. predecessor someone or something that comes before another
1164. predestination the concept of destiny or fate
1165. predicament a difficult or extremely unpleasant situation
1166. prejudice an attitude or judgement about a group (usually negative)
1167. premonition a presentiment of the future
1168. preponderance a great amount or frequency
1169. preposterous outrageous, absurd, unbelievable
1170. presage an omen
1171. prestidigitation a sleight of hand
1172. presumptuous disrespectfully bold
1173. pretentions being a show off, arrogant
1174. prim (TACHS) dress primly
1175. priority the thing of most importance
1176. pristine pure, untouched
1177. privilege a benefit or favor given only to some people
1178. procrastinate to put off doing something
1179. procure to obtain or get something
1180. prod to jab or poke, to rouse to action
1181. prodigy a person with exceptional talent
1182. profane indecent, blasphemous
1183. proficient skilled, expert, adept
1184. profit a gain or benefit
1185. profound deep, not superficial
1186. profuse abundant, lavish, prolific
1187. progressive moving forward or advancing
1188. prohibit to forbid
1189. prolific to produce in great abundance
1190. prolong to extent, to lengthen in time
1191. propel to cause to move forward
1192. propensity an inclination, preference
1193. prophesy predict or reveal, as if through divine inspiration
1194. proponent one who argues in favor of something, advocate
1195. propriety decency, state of being proper
1196. prospect a possibility
1197. prosperous having success
1198. protean readily taking on various shapes or forms
1199. protest to object to
1200. prototype an early typical example
1201. protrude to stick out, thrust forth
1202. proverb a short saying that expresses a truth
1203. provoke to make angry or resentful
1204. proximity nearness, closeness
1205. prude someone who is very concerned about being proper
1206. prudent cautious, careful
1207. prudent (TACHS) showing wise self-restraint in speech and behavior especially in preserving prudent silence
1208. pry to snoop
1209. puerile immature
1210. pugnacious belligerent
1211. pugnacious (TACHS) ready and able to resort to force or violence
1212. pulchritude physical beauty
1213. punctilious eager to follow rules
1214. pungent having a sharp, strong quality especially related to smell
1215. puny of inferior size or weak
1216. purport to present an intention that is often false
1217. pursue follow in an effort to capture
1218. putrid rotten, rancid, foul
1219. quaint oldfashioned
1220. quell suppress or crush completely
1221. quench satisfy, as thirst
1222. query (TACHS) an instance of questioning
1223. quidpro-quo a mutually beneficial exchange
1224. quotidian daily, everyday
1225. rabid marked by excessive enthusiasm for a cause or idea
1226. radiant bright, beaming
1227. ramble move about aimlessly
1228. rancid rotten, spoiled, disgusting in smell or taste
1229. rancor a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will
1230. random lacking any definite plan or order or purpose
1231. ransack search thoroughly
1232. rapacious (TACHS) excessively greedy and grasping
1233. ratify approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation
1234. ratiocinate to think, contemplate
1235. ravenous extremely hungry
1236. raze to demolish, to tear down
1237. react show a response or a reaction to something
1238. recalcitrant defiant
1239. recalibrate to readjust or make corrections to
1240. recapitulate to repeat, reiterate
1241. recede to withdraw, to move back
1242. recipient one that receives
1243. recluse someone who is a hermit, or prefers to live alone
1244. rectify to set right, correct
1245. recur happen or occur again
1246. redact to revise, edit
1247. redoubtable formidable, commanding respect, intimidating
1248. redress to set right or remedy
1249. reduce cut down on
1250. reel to be thrown off balance or feel dizzy
1251. refine to improve or perfect, to elevate
1252. refined suggesting taste, ease, and wealth
1253. refrain to hold oneself back, forbear
1254. refugee a person who has to leave his or her country to find safety.
1255. refute to prove false
1256. regal belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler
1257. regicide (TACHS) the act of killing a king
1258. reign royal authority; the dominion of a monarch
1259. reimburse pay back for some expense incurred
1260. reinforce strengthen and support with rewards
1261. reiterate to repeat
1262. reliable trustworthy, dependable
1263. relinquish to give up or abandon
1264. relish to take zestful pleasure in, enjoy flavor of
1265. reminiscence a mental impression retained and recalled from the past
1266. remiss negligent, exhibiting carelessness
1267. render to say, or to make
1268. renounce to give up by a formal announcement
1269. renovate to restore, return to original state
1270. renown fame, state of being well known and honored
1271. renowned widely known and esteemed
1272. repartee adroitness and cleverness in reply
1273. repose rest, sleep
1274. reprehensible deserving criticism
1275. reprimand to scold or warn strongly. (2) n: a strong warning
1276. reproach a mild criticism or rebuke
1277. repudiate to reject, turn down
1278. repugnant offensive to the mind
1279. repulse to cause disgust or distaste, or to drive back, repel
1280. repulsive disgusting
1281. requisition a demand for goods, often by an authority
1282. rescind repeal or to cancel
1283. resemble to look like or be similar to
1284. reserved quiet, shy, not showing one's feelings.
1285. residue matter that remains after something has been removed
1286. resign leave (a job, post, post, or position) voluntarily
1287. resilient springing back, recovering quickly
1288. resolute determined, firm, unyielding. n/v: resolve
1289. resolve to decide, to deal with successfully
1290. responsive readily reacting to suggestions and influences
1291. restitution compensation, reimbursement
1292. restraint holding back
1293. resuscitate to restore to life
1294. retain keep, allow to remain in a place or position
1295. retaliation revenge, punishment
1296. retort a quick response that is often clever
1297. retract withdraw
1298. retribution vengeance, revenge, payback
1299. reveal make visible
1300. revel to enjoy
1301. revere to honor, to worship
1302. revise to change or modify
1303. revive to awaken, to return to life
1304. rife abundant
1305. rigor something very hard to endure. adj: rigorous
1306. rigorous harsh, severe, rigid
1307. robust strong, sturdy
1308. rouse cause to become awake or conscious
1309. rout an overwhelming defeat
1310. ruddy reddish or rosy in appearance
1311. rudimentary crude, basic, fundamental
1312. ruffle to disturb smoothness of
1313. ruminate (TACHS) to turn over in your mind (literally to chew cud)
1314. rupture to break, to burst
1315. ruse a trick
1316. rustic relating to life in the country, simple
1317. saccharine overly sweet
1318. sacrifice something given up for the sake of another
1319. sacrosanct sacred, holy
1320. sagacious shrewd, showing sound judgment
1321. sage (TACHS) wise
1322. salient significant, conspicuous
1323. salutation a greeting
1324. sanguine (TACHS) inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life, cheery, optimistic, hopeful
1325. sate to satisfy (an appetite) fully.
1326. satellite any celestial body orbiting around a planet or star
1327. satiate to satisfy excessively
1328. satire witty language used to insult or scorn
1329. saturate infuse or fill completely
1330. saucy improperly forward or bold
1331. savor to appreciate fully, enjoy
1332. scald burn with a hot liquid or steam
1333. scanty barely adequate, lacking
1334. scarce deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand
1335. scathing hurtful, critical
1336. scavenger any animal that feeds on garbage, or dead animals....
1337. schism division of a group into opposing factions
1338. scorn contempt or disdain felt toward a person or object considered despicable or unworthy
1339. scourge a plague
1340. scowl a look of anger or strong disaproval, frown
1341. scruples values, morals
1342. scrupulous characterized by extreme care and great effort
1343. scurrilous crude, vulgar
1344. secular related to things that are non
1345. secure free from danger or risk
1346. sedate to calm, soothe
1347. sedentary sitting
1348. seer a fortune teller
1349. seethe foam as if boiling
1350. seize to take suddenly
1351. seminal original, groundbreaking
1352. senile deterioration or the break down of mental and physical health
1353. sensible has good judgement or sense
1354. sensitive reacts to emotions, pain, and other stimuli
1355. sensual having to do with satisfying or exciting the senses
1356. sentiment feeling or emotion
1357. sentimental overly emotional
1358. sentry a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event
1359. sequel something that follows something else
1360. serendipity the act of finding things not sought, luck, good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries
1361. sever to separate, to divide
1362. shrewd marked by practical hardheaded intelligence, shrewd
1363. sift to put through a sieve
1364. sinister wicked, evil, or dishonorable
1365. skeptic a person who disagrees with generally accepted conclusions often or out of habit
1366. skirmish a small encounter or fight
1367. slack not tense or taut
1368. slander a false statement or report about someone
1369. slight small in size or amount
1370. sloth laziness
1371. smite to hurt someone very badly with a damaging blow using the hands, a tool, or weapons, to strike
1372. sneer a slight raising of the upper lip expressing contempt
1373. snub to behave coldly towards, to ignore
1374. sobriety moderation from excess, calm, tranquility
1375. sociable friendly
1376. solace (TACHS) the comfort you feel when consoled in times of disappointment
1377. solicit seeking to get something through persuasion or application
1378. solitary alone
1379. solitude the contition of being alone, isolation
1380. somber gloomy, depressing, melancholy
1381. somnolent sleepy
1382. soothsayer a fortune teller
1383. sophisticated complex or intricate
1384. soporific (TACHS) something that puts you to sleep
1385. sordid dirty
1386. sovereign ruler or leader
1387. spectral ghostly
1388. spite an urge t o hurt or humiliate
1389. splice join the ends of
1390. spontaneous automatic, without thinking
1391. spurious false but intended to seem believable or possible
1392. spurn reject with contempt
1393. squalid (TACHS) foul and run-down and repulsive
1394. squalid foul and run-down and repulsive
1395. squander spend thoughtlessly; throw away
1396. stagnant still, not flowing
1397. stagnate to be idle, to be still
1398. stampede a sudden headlong rush
1399. static unchanging, not moving
1400. staunch firm and dependable especially in loyalty
1401. steadfast determined, loyal, steady
1402. stealthy secret, sneaky, furtive
1403. stealthy (TACHS) marked by quiet and caution and secrecy
1404. stifle to interrupt or cut off
1405. stingy unwilling to spend or give
1406. stoic unaffected by emotion
1407. strenuous requiring hard effort or energy strenuous activity, requiring strength as well
1408. strife conflict
1409. stubborn repetitively does what they want without listening to other people
1410. stupefy to stun, to make stupid or groggy
1411. subdue put down by force or intimidation
1412. subdued quiet, low-key, hushed. v: subdue
1413. submerge to place underwater
1414. submissive giving in to orders, obedient. v: submit
1415. submit to yield to the will of another, to offer to the
1416. subside to sink to a lower level, to lessen or abate
1417. subsist to live, exist
1418. subtile slight, not obvious immediately
1419. subtle not easily seen, not obvious, difficult to grasp
1420. succeed attain success or reach a desired goal
1421. succinct marked by compact precision
1422. succumb consent reluctantly
1423. suffice to meet needs
1424. summit the top or extreme point of something
1425. summon to call forth, evoke
1426. superb surpassingly good
1427. superficial shallow, lacking depth
1428. superflous being or doing what is beyond required
1429. supplant to displace and substitute for another
1430. suppress to put down by force or authority
1431. surfeit an excessive amount of something.
1432. surge to rise suddenly
1433. surmise to guess, infer, suppose
1434. surplus an excess quantity of something
1435. surreptitious done in a secret, or stealthy way
1436. surrogate substitute
1437. susceptible yielding readily to or capable of
1438. swarthy of dark color or complexion
1439. swindle to cheat someone out of money or property
1440. sybarite someone devoted to pleasure and luxuary, a voluptuary
1441. sycophant a selfserving flatterer
1442. sympathetic compassionate
1443. sympathy an expression of pity for another, compassion
1444. synopsis a summary
1445. taciturn habitually reserved and uncommunicative
1446. tact consideration and sensitivity in dealing with others. adj: tactful
1447. tactful having a sense of what is considerate in dealing with others
1448. tamper alter or falsify, usually secretively or dishonestly
1449. tangible touchable, meaningful, significant
1450. tantamount equivalent in value or significance
1451. taut pulled or drawn tight
1452. tedious tiresome, boring, mind numbing
1453. telepathic capable of reading minds
1454. temperate showing restraint or moderation... (a temperate response to an insulting challenge)
1455. tempestuous stormy, turbulent... (a tempestuous ocean)
1456. tempt to try to bribe someone to do something bad
1457. tenacious persistent, stubborn
1458. tender sensitive
1459. tentative uncertain
1460. tenuous having little substance or strength
1461. tenure holding or keeping something for a long time... (the tenure of an office)
1462. tepid moderately warm
1463. terminate bring to an end or halt
1464. terrestrial relating to the land
1465. terse abrupt, short, brief
1466. testament something that is concrete proof or evidence like a will or other legal document
1467. testify to speak out, or declare the truth
1468. tether restraint consisting of a rope used to restrain an animal
1469. thrifty wise with money, moderation in spending
1470. throb to beat rapidly, to pound
1471. tightfisted unwilling to part with money
1472. timid shy, lacking confidence
1473. timorous fearful, timid
1474. toil to labor, to work hard n: hard work
1475. tolerate to put up with something... (brice tolerates max's silly behavior)
1476. tome a large book
1477. toothsome delicious, luscious
1478. torment to irritate
1479. torpid lazy, lethargic, moving slowly
1480. torrid giving off intense heat, passionate
1481. tortuous winding, twisted
1482. tragedy a disastrous event, or a work of art in which the hero meets a terrible fate
1483. tranquil calm, serene, peaceful
1484. transcend to beyond the limits, to overcome
1485. transient (TACHS) enduring a very short time
1486. transitory temporary
1487. translucent (TACHS) semitransparent
1488. travail (TACHS) hard work
1489. travesty a grossly inferior imitation
1490. trek a long, difficulty journey, often involving hiking
1491. trepidation a feeling of alarm or dread
1492. trite overused, hackneyed
1493. trivial ordinary, unimportant
1494. truculent eager to fight, violent
1495. truncate to shorten... (brice truncated max's arm when he cut it off
1496. tumult a state of commotion and noise and confusion
1497. tyranny government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator
1498. ubiquitous existing everywhere, widespread, present everywhere at once
1499. ultimate the last part, or a fundamental element
1500. umbrage anger, offense, resentment
1501. unanimous in complete agreement
1502. uncanny of supernatural character or origin
1503. unctuous (TACHS) (adj.) excessively smooth or smug
1504. undertake to agree to do
1505. undulate to move in a smooth wavelike motion
1506. unequivocal clear, leaving no doubt
1507. uniform unvarying, conforming to one principle
1508. unilateral having only one side
1509. unique being the only one of its kind
1510. unkempt not properly maintained or cared for
1511. unrestrained not controlled... (max without a leash)
1512. upbraid to criticize, scold, reproach
1513. usurp seize and take control without authority
1514. utterly completely, entirely... (i am utterly horrified by max appearance in the morning)
1515. vacant empty
1516. vacate leave behind empty; move out of
1517. vacillate to be undecided, to go back and fourth
1518. vacuous devoid of matter
1519. vague uncertain, unclear, clouded
1520. valiant showing courage or determination. n: valor
1521. valor (TACHS) courage
1522. variance a difference between what is expected and what actually occurs
1523. variegate to diversify
1524. vast enormous, immense
1525. vehement marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions
1526. vend sell or offer for sale from place to place
1527. veneer a superficial or deceptively attractive appearance, façade, thin covering
1528. venerate to respect someone or something
1529. venture to risk, to gamble
1530. veracious honest, truthful
1531. veracity (TACHS) truthfulness
1532. verbose using or containing too many words
1533. versatile having many funtions or talents
1534. vex to annoy or bother, to irritate
1535. vibrant full of energy
1536. vicarious experienced through another's actions
1537. vicinity a surrounding area or neighborhood, proximity
1538. vicissitudes the unexpected changes and shifts often encountered in one's life
1539. vigilant alert, watchful
1540. vigor strength, energy
1541. vile disgusting
1542. vim and energy, vigor
1543. visage (TACHS) a person's face
1544. vital full of life, animated
1545. vitalize make more lively or vigorous
1546. vivacious lively, spirited
1547. vivify (TACHS) give new life or energy to
1548. vocation one’s work or professional calling
1549. volition a conscious choice or decision
1550. voluminous large, ample
1551. voluptuary someone devoted to sensory pleasure and luxury, a sybaritye
1552. vow a promise
1553. vulnerable open to attack or damage
1554. wan (TACHS) pale
1555. wane to decrease in size or amount.. (when the moon is waning, the amount of light you can see from it slowly shrinks)
1556. wane (TACHS) to decrease in size (along with wax, often used when describing the moon)
1557. wanton immoral behavior
1558. wary cautious
1559. waver to hesitate, to go back and forth in a decision
1560. wax to increase gradually in size or degree
1561. weather to withstand or survive a situation
1562. whet to make more keen, stimulate
1563. winsome charming, attractive
1564. withstand to resist, to stand up to something
1565. wrath anger, age or fury
1566. wretched deserving or inciting pity
1567. writhe move in a twisting or contorted motion
1568. zealot (TACHS) a fervent and even militant proponent of something
1569. zealous enthusiastic devotion to a cause
1570. zeitgeist the spirit of the time
1571. zenith (TACHS) the point above the observer that is directly opposite the nadir on the sky
1572. zephyr (TACHS) a slight wind (usually refreshing)
1573. zest passion or enthusiasm
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