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8 HISTORY vocab 1-2


Beringia Land bridge between North America and Asia used by early people to walk to North America.
Columbian Exchange The movement and trading of goods, ideas, people and diseases that altered life on both sides of the Atlantic.
Nomads People that move from place to place with no permanent home.
God, Glory, Gold The three (3) G's that signify the reasons form European exploration.
Farming The discovery of this allowed Native Americans to settle down in one place and develop cultural communities.
Mercantilism The theory that a nation's power depends on its wealth (money).
Northwest Passage Water route through North America that would connect the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. (DOES NOT EXIST)
Iroquois A powerful group of Native Americans in the eastern part of the United States (New York) that was made up of five different nations.
Conquistador An explorer looking to conquer land in the Americas.
England One of the five major countries that sent explorers to the Americans in the 1500s. (Other name is Britain/United Kingdom)
Longhouse A type of wooden house used by the Eastern Native Americans.
Adobe A type of dried mud brick used by the Native Americans of the Southwest.
Igloo A type of ice and snow house used by the Native Americans of the North.
Teepee A type of house used by the Native Americans of the Plains that made use of animal hides.
Hunted The early Native Americans _________ large mammals such as mammoths and smaller mammals such as deer.
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