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Blk 1 Final 1

Study Questions

Name the four forces which act upon an aircraft in flight. Weight, Lift, Thrust and Drag
The curvature of the wing is called the Camber
The three axis of rotation of an aircraft are Longitudinal, Lateral, and Vertical
In a rotor system the blades that are attached to the hub with multiple hinges are called Fully articulated
What type of material is used to cover a truss frame Fabric
Energy is defined as something that gives us the capacity to perform what Work
Rate of change of velocity is defined as Acceleration
How many foot pounds of work per second equals 1 horsepower 550
Boyles Law and Charles Law form what Law General Gas Law
What is the procedure in the event an aircraft weight and balance record is lost or destroyed. Reweigh aircraft and create new weight and balance record
Standard pressure at sea level is 29.92 hg or 14.7 psi
Moisture in the air is called humidity
If the angle of attack becomes to great, the airflow can separate from the wing. This is called a Stall
Flight controls that move the aircraft around its axis are Ailerons, Elevators and Rudder
If one wing is lower than the other good _________ stability will bring the wings back to level Dynamic
Four different types of flaps are Plain, Split, Slotted and Fowler
Airplane faster that Mach 5 is said to be in what type of flight hypersonic
The three classifications of main rotor systems are fully articulated, semi-rigid, and rigid
Five major stresses to which all aircraft are subjected to are tension, compression, torsion, shear and bending
What is the main structure or body of and aircraft called fuselage
What does the Law of Conservation state matter cannot be created or destroyed, but can change its physical shape
Where is the fulcrum located on a first class lever between the effort and the resistance
Force that pulls a spinning object away from the center of rotation is called a _________ force Centrifugal
Energy defined as being in motion is what type of energy Kinetic
Most common example of a second class lever is Wheelbarrow
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