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What is History


Archaeology The study of artifacts to tell about human culture.
Anthropology The study of human culture and how it changes over time.
Artifact An object made by humans that tells about their culture.
Bias Showing favoritism to one thing, person, or group compared to another thing, person, or group.
Century A time period of 100 years.
Conclusion Judgement or decision reached by reasoning.
Culture The ideas, beliefs, and customs of a group of peole.
Decade A time period of 10 years.
Economics The production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. (Money of a society)
Epoch A large division of time; EX: decade, century, millennium
Era A large division of time.
Evidence Proof that something is true or that something has happened.
Finite Having a limit or an end.
Fossil Dead human, plant, or animal remains.
Found When something is discovered by chance.
Heritage Something handed down from the past- EX: honor, pride, courage
Histiography The study of historical writing.
Integral Very important
Interpretation An explanation of a historical work. EX: primary or secondary source
Millennium A time period of 1,000 years.
Paleontology The study of fossils.
Point of View Opinions, attitudes, feelings, or beliefs about something.
Political Science The study of systems of government, politics, and behavior.
Precise Exact
Primary Source First hand evidence that an event has occurred; eye-witness account account of an event.
Scholarly Relating to an educational study
Secondary Source Second hand evidence of an event occurring in history.
Species A group of individuals that share certain traits and can produce offspring.
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