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Which is north of Eastern Europe? The Baltic Sea is north of Eastern Europe.
Which statement best describes the physical geography of Eastern Europe? Eastern Europe consists of vast plains and rugged mountains.
Which river flowing through Ukraine serves as an important route to the Black Sea? The Dniester River is an important route to the Black Sea.
The Baltic Sea consists of seawater mixed with river water. Which is a conclusion based on this fact. The Baltic Sea is somewhat salty because it is a mix of seawater and river water.
Poland is one of the world's richest sources of which mineral? Poland is rich in sulfur.
Where did the Magyars settle? The Magyars settled in the Carpathian Basin.
When was the use of chemical weapons in warfare introduced? Chemical weapons were introduced in World War I.
What happened to Poland and Romania after World War II? Poland and Romania became satellite countries of the Soviet Union after World War II.
Which Soviet leader introduced glasnost in the Soviet Union? Mikhail Gorbachev introduced glasnost in the Soviet Union.
In the 1900s, which Eastern European country peacefully split into two separate countries? Czechoslovakia split into two separate countries in the 1900s.
How is Belarus much the same as it was during the communist era? Lukashenko governs like a dictator same as it was during the communist era.
Which statement about population distribution in Eastern Europe is most accurate? The biggest population centers in Eastern Europe are the capital cities.
In the past century, why have many emigrants from Eastern Europe come to the United States? Emigrants from Eastern Europe come to the U.S. to seek political freedom and economic opportunity.
In which country are Muslims a majority? Muslims are a majority in Albania.
Which composer celebrated the traditional music of Hungary? Bela Bartok celebrated the traditional music of Hungary.
The Danube River flows through nine countries in Eastern Europe. True or False? True
The Northern European Plain is confined entirely to Eastern Europe. True or False? False
A humid continental climate is found in the Baltic coastal area and the central plains of Eastern Europe. True or False? True
Fishing is an important part of Croatia's economy. True or False? True
One of the largest areas of primeval mixed forest is found in Poland and Romania. True or False? False
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