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Which sea dominates the coast of much of Southern Europe? The Mediterranean Sea dominates the coast of Southern Europe.
In which country is the Po River found? The Po River is found in Italy.
Which climate is found in Finland, where the influence of seas is limited? The continental climate is found in Finland.
What tree crop grows in the scrublands near the Mediterranean? Olives grow in the scrublands near the Mediterranean.
Why has whaling declined as an industry in Northern Europe? Many of the larger whale species are considered endangered.
Which was the first known democracy? Athens was the first known democracy.
Which statement about the rule of the Roman Empire is accurate? The eastern empire lasted almost 1,000 years after the western empire fell.
Which city was one of the earliest centers of the Renaissance? Florence was an early center of the Renaissance.
What was the religion of the Moors who invaded Spain from Northern Africa? Islam was the religion of the Moors.
Since World War II, which changes have taken place in many nations of Southern Europe? Many nations in Southern Europe have become democracies.
Which is a correct statement about the population of Northern and Southern Europe? Birthrates have declined, and the population is aging in Europe.
Which statement about languages is accurate? Finnish is not related to the other languages of Northern Europe.
Which country is known for using the guitar as a serious musical instrument. Spain is known for using the guitar as a serious musical instrument.
What is the main intent of welfare capitalism? Welfare capitalism is to ensure that all people have access to the essential aspects of life.
What is a cause of cultural conflict in Northern and Southern Europe? Immigration from non-European nations is a cause of cultural conflicts.
What is a region of frozen subsoil and few plants called? A tundra is frozen subsoil and few plants.
What is an area of land surrounded on three sides by water called? A peninsula is surrounded on three sides by water.
What is the process of weathering and erosion caused by moving glaciers? Glaciation is caused by weathering and erosion.
What is an area where mostly short grasses and shrubs grow? Scrubland is an area where mostly short grasses and shrubs grow.
What is a deep, narrow, water-filled valley called? A fjord is a deep, narrow, water-filled valley.
What is a period of artistic and intellectual activity? The Renaissance was a period of artistic and intellectual activity.
What was the period between A.D. 500 and 1500? The Middle Ages took place between A.D. 500 and 1500.
What was the capital of the eastern Roman Empire? Constantinople was the capital of the eastern Roman Empire.
What is the independent country within the city of Rome? Vatican City is an independent country within Rome.
What was a powerful Greek city-state? Athens was a powerful Greek city-state.
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