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What forces formed the Alps? Plate tectonics and glaciers formed the Alps.
What underwater structure connects Britain to mainland Europe? The Chunnel connects Britain to Europe.
Which features are most typical of a marine west coast climate? Cool summers and mild winters are typical of a marine coast climate.
Which country is Western Europe's leading agricultural producer? France is Europe's leading agricultural producer.
Why does mainland Europe have a wider variety of plant life than the British Isles? Mainland Europe has a more diverse climate than the British Isles.
When did Rome's western empire fall? Rome's empire fell when Germanic groups were pushed into Western Europe by the Huns.
Which statement describes feudalism? Under feudalism, kings gave land to nobles in exchange for their military service.
Which statement explains Martin Luther's conflict with the Roman Catholic Church? Luther believed that Church officials should not sell pardons for people's sins.
In what year did World War I begin? World War I began in 1914.
What conflict ended when the government of the Soviet Union fell apart? The Cold War ended when the government of the Soviet Union fell apart.
When did the two halves of Germany reunite? Germany reunited after the Soviet Union lost control of Eastern Europe.
What is the most common Romance language in Western Europe? French is the most common Romance language in Western Europe.
Which of the following is one of the world's most famous playwrights? William Shakespeare is one of the world's most famous playwrights.
Why is Western Europe's economy called postindustrial? Postindustrial is when more people work in service jobs than in manufacturing.
Which statement describes a way in which the European Union has benefited its member nations? The EU has helped members compete more successfully with larger economies.
What is land reclaimed from the sea? Polders are land reclaimed from the sea.
What is the place where river currents and the ocean tide meet called? An estuary is where river currents and the ocean tide meet.
What is the mountain range that separates Western Europe and Southern Europe called? Alps are the mountain range that separates Europe.
What are strong winds that travel from west to east called? Westerlies are strong winds that travel from west to east.
What river flows through Germany into the North Sea? The Elbe is the river that flows through Germany.
Did Christianity begin in the western Roman Empire? False
Did a plague, called the Black Death, spread during the Hundred Years' War? True
Did Nicolaus Copernicus confirm that the sun orbits Earth? False
Did many people move from rural to urban areas during the Industrial Revolution? True
Did more civilians than military forces die during World War II? True
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