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What is the largest country in South America? Brazil is the largest country in South America.
What is one reason the Amazon River carries so much freshwater? The Amazon River carries so much water because it has 1,000 tributaries.
How is the western part of the Brazilian Hiighlands different from the eastern part? The western grasslands support farming and ranching.
Where do most Brazilians live? Most Brazilians live on the coastal lowlands.
How is the location of the Amazon River related to the location of Brazil's population? Only about 6 percent of Brazil's population lives in the Amazon Basin.
In what way is Brazil different from every other South American country? Brazil is the only South American country that has a Portuguese heritage.
Which describes the Tupi? The Tupi were mainly farmers.
What kept the Portuguese from paying much attention to Brazil for more than 30 years after their arrival in the region? The main focus of the Portuguese was on their colonies and trade in Asia.
Which helped make sugar Brazil's main export in the 1600s? A rise in large sugarcane plantations, mainly in the northeast made sugar Brazil's main export.
Which Portuguese commander claimed the land of Brazil for Portugal? Pedro Cabral claimed Brazil for Portugal.
What is correct about Brazil's population? Mixed-race marriages are more acceptable in Brazil than in other countries.
Where would you most likely encounter a favela, or shantytown? A favela would most likely be found on the edge of a city.
Which set of attitudes would Brazilians call the "Brazilian Way"? The "Brazilian Way" means friendly, easygoing, and good natured.
Which is a blend of African and Brazilian culture? Samba rhythms combined with jazz to create the bossa nova is a blend of African and Brazilian culture.
What was one major consequence of the construction of the Transamazonica Highway? The construction of the Transamazonica Highway increased destruction of the Amazon rain forest.
The Amazon is the world's longest river. True or False? False, the Nile River is longer.
Much of the Amazon Basin is covered by the world's largest rain forest. True or False? True
Most of Brazil is located in the Tropics. True or False? True
Although Brazil has forests and rich farmland, it has few mineral resources. True or False? False, it has many mineral resources.
Coffee is Brazil's main export. True or False? False, it is its second largest export.
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