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What is the largest freshwater lake in Central America? Lake Nicaragua is the largest freshwater lake in Central America.
Which service industry thrives in Belize and Guatemala? Tourism thrives in Belize and Guatemala.
Why are areas near volcanoes in the Central Highlands densely populated? Densely populated areas have volcanic lava that produces fertile soil for farming.
When was the Panama Canal built? The Panama Canal was built in the early 1900s.
What does CAFTA-DR create for five Central American countries? CAFTA-DR creates a free-trade zone.
In which present-day countries of Central America did the Maya live? The Maya lived in Guatemala and Belize.
Who was the first Spaniard to establish Spain's claim to Central America? Rodrigo de Bastidas was the first Spaniard to make a claim.
When did Panama take control of the Panama Canal? Panama took control of the Panama Canal in 1999.
Under economic colonialism, who controlled the economy of a country or a region? Foreign companies controlled the economy under economic colonialism.
During the time of conflict in the late 1900s, which two countries remained peaceful? Costa Rica and Belize remained peaceful during conflicts.
Why is the urban population in Central America expected to grow? People migrating from the countryside increase the urban population.
How are people making an effort to improve rural life in Central America? Encouraging people to grow a diversity of crops will improve rural life.
What is the main language in most Central American countries? Spanish is the main language in most Central American countries.
What is the most popular sport in Nicaragua? Baseball is the most popular sport in Nicaragua.
Which statement about education in Central America is accurate? Very few people attend college in Central America.
What group moved into Central America along the Pacific coast? The Nahuatl moved into Central America along the Pacific coast.
What are small groups of fighters that know the local landscapes called? Guerrillas are the fighters that know the local landscape.
What were military strongmen who ruled Central American governments called? Caudillos ruled Central American governments.
What group brought their culture from South America to Panama? The Chibcha brought their culture to Panama.
What is a large farm where workers produce cash crops? A plantation is a large farm that produces cash crops.
What is a blend of music styles popular in Belize? "Punta rock" is a blend of music styles.
What is something somebody is born to? Heritage is something someone is born to.
What is the religious festival in Guatemala? Semana Santa is a religious festival in Guatemala.
What is the culture known for bright smocks? Kuna is the culture known for bright smocks.
Who was a wealthy British humanitarian? Baron Bliss was a wealthy British humanitarian.
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