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Which city is Canada's busiest port? Vancouver is Canada's busiest port.
What influence do some Canadians fear the most? Canadians fear the U.S. will dominate their culture.
What can be said about Canada's government? Canada's government is a parliamentary system.
What might be Canada's biggest challenge? Staying united as a nation may be Canada's biggest challenge.
What does Canada depend on to power its industries, homes, and transportation systems? Canada depends on fossil fuels for power.
In which provinces do most Canadians live? Most Canadians live in Quebec and Ontario.
Which region of Canada has areas that receive up to 100 inches of rain per year? British Columbia receives up to 100 inches of rain per year.
Which describes the landscape of British Columbia? British Columbia is much like the northwestern United States.
How many of the Great Lakes does Canada share with the United States? Canada and the U.S. share four of the Great Lakes.
What waterway connects the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Great Lakes? The St. Lawrence River connects the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Great Lakes.
Why did the first people who came from Asia to Canada continue moving southward? The first people continued moving south because Canada was covered with ice.
Which country did Britain compete with for power in the Americas? France competed with Britain for power in the Americas.
What was built in the late 1800s that connected eastern and western Canada? The transcontinental railroad connected eastern and western Canada.
On what chief industries was Canada's economy based in the early 1900s? Agriculture and mining were Canada's chief industries in the early 1900s.
What percentage of Canada's people is from the First Nations? 2 percent of Canada's people are from the First Nations.
Who founded Quebec? Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec.
Who were the first Europeans to reach Canada? The Vikings reached Canada first.
Who were the native peoples of Canada? The First Nations were the native peoples of Canada.
What was a long period of intense cold known as? The Ice Age was a long period of intense cold.
What was the partly self-governing nation within the British Empire? The Dominion of Canada was the partly self-governing nation within the British Empire.
Does Canada have 10 provinces and three territories? True
Is Quebec one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada? False
Is much of the southern part of Ontario and Quebec covered by forests? False
Do Canada and the United States share the longest undefended border in the world? True
Does Canada have a very large population? False
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