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In which state does the Mississippi River begin? The Mississippi River begins in Minnesota.
What has caused the Appalachians to wear down over time? Erosion has caused the Appalachians to wear down.
Which state can claim to have the highest point in the United States? Alaska has the highest point in the United States.
Which landform plays a role in forming the climates in the region west of the Mississippi River? High mountains play a role in forming climates.
Which waterways feed into the Mississippi River? The Missouri and Ohio Rivers feed into the Mississippi River.
How did the first Native Americans come to North America? The first Native Americans crossed a land bridge from Asia.
What was the first permanent European settlement in the United States? St. Augustine was the first European settlement.
What event led to the Lewis and Clark expedition? The Louisiana Purchase led to the Lewis and Clark expedition.
When did the United States enter World War II? The U.S. entered World War II after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
What do Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., have in common? Parks and King were leaders in the civil rights movement.
Which is a major benefit of the U.S. free enterprise system? Owning private property is a benefit of free enterprise.
Which two countries joined the U.S. to create the world's largest free trade area? Mexico and Canada joined the U.S. to create the largest free trade area.
Which is considered both a right and a responsibility? Voting for leaders is a right and a responsibility of all citizens.
What is a main function of the U.S. Constitution? A function of the Constitution is to make sure government power is shared.
Which group is the second largest ethnic group in the U.S. after Caucasians? Latino is the second largest ethnic group in the United States.
What was the relocation of people from the South to the North called? The Great Migration was the movement of people from south to north.
What was added to the U.S. Constitution to identify certain rights the government could not violate? The Bill of Rights was added to the constitution to protect citizens rights.
What was the document created when the U.S. first gained independence? The Articles of Confederation was the first document created when the U.S. first gained independence.
What was purchased by President Thomas Jefferson from France? The Louisiana Territory was purchased from France.
What was the idea that the U.S. should stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean? Manifest Destiny was the idea the U.S. should stretch from sea to shining sea.
Do the Great Lakes border the United States and Mexico? False. The Great Lakes border the U.S. and Canada.
Do coastal areas tend to have mild climates? True
Is the Great Salt Lake the largest salt lake in the Americas? True
Do the Great Plains, a vast area of grasslands with fertile soil, stretch EAST of the Mississippi River? False. The Great Plains stretch WEST of the Mississippi River.
Do earthquakes and volcanoes affect the Pacific Coast, as well as Alaska and Hawaii? True
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