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A country has a population of 6 million in 2015, 9 million in 2025, and 12 million in 2035. What is the doubling time for that country's population? The doubling time for the country is 20 years.
What describes areas with large, fast-growing populations? Disease can spread rapidly in fast-growing populations.
What is a reason people choose to settle in one area and not in another? People move to an area with sufficient resources to meet their basic needs.
What illustrates a push factor-something that drives people from an area? Amit moves to Turkey from his home in India after an earthquake destroys his village.
What means to enter and live in a new country? Immigrate means to move to a new country.
What are the two largest ethnic minority groups in the United States? Hispanic Americans and African Americans are the two largest minority groups in the United States.
In some areas of the U.S., a drink is called soda; in other areas, it is called pop. What is this regional language difference an example of? Dialect describes regional language differences.
What describes a custom? Shaking hands when you greet someone is a custom.
What describes a monarchy? A king or queen ruling over a country is a monarchy.
What statement about globalization is correct? Globalization helps spread ideas and innovations.
What is a renewable resource? Trees are a renewable resource.
What are factors of production? Land, labor, and capital are factors of production.
In which type of economy do individuals and private groups decide what to produce? A free enterprise economy allows individuals to decide what to produce.
What is an example of a job in the primary sector, which produces raw materials and basic goods? A farmer produces raw materials and basic goods.
In economics, what is meant by the term productivity? Productivity is a measure of what is produced and what is required to produce it.
The global death rate is falling because people are getting better health care, more food, and cleaner water. True or False? True
On a global scale, rapid population growth can harm the environment. True or False? True
In most countries, population is typically distributed evenly because people move to places that have important resources. True or False? False, people also need jobs.
Migration is one of the main causes of population shifts in our world today. True or False? True
A cluster of cities with an extremely large population is called a metropolis. True or False? False, it is called a megalopolis.
Culture is the set of beliefs, behaviors, and traits shared by a group of people. True
An ethnic group consists of all the people who live in a particular region or community. False
Religion is one of the major influences on how people of a culture see the world. True
Cultural regions can be large or relatively small. True
Technology is rarely responsible for cultural change. False
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