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Which describes how geography can influence the economy of a region? A region with many waterways might have an economy based on fishing.
Which definition of a geographer is accurate? A geographer studies where humans live and how they relate to one another.
Which is an example of a primary source? A diary of an explorer is a primary source.
Which question should you ask when analyzing sources? Who created the source is a good question to ask?
What is point of view? Ideas held that cause a person to take a side on an issue is point of view.
What is a summary of a passage? A shortened version of the most important ideas in the passage is a summary.
Which sentence is a generalization? The football team is having a great season is a generalization.
What can be done to avoid plagiarism? Include a footnote when you use a direct quote from an author.
What is one reason a bibliography is included in a report? A bibliography supports the reliability of a report.
Which visual tool shows how the whole of something is divided into smaller parts? A circle graph shows smaller parts of a whole.
What is one component of environment? The climate is a component of the environment.
What is the difference between absolute and relative location? Absolute location is the exact location of a place.
Which two places belong to the same region? Los Angeles, California, and San Diego, California are in the same region.
Which of the following is an example of a landform? A mountain is a landform.
Why does a geographer study history? A geographer studies history to understand how people lived in the past.
Which divides Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres? The equator divides the Earth into two hemispheres.
What is one way in which maps and globes differ? Maps are easier to store and carry than globes.
Where should Carlos look on a map to find out what blue lines represent? Carlos should look at the map key to find out what the blue lines represent.
Which type of map would show the boundaries of countries? A political map would show the boundaries of countries.
Which tool provides information about the location of physical and human features? Geospatial technology provides locations of physical and human features.
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