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WWII- United States

Unit 5b-WWII

At the start of WWII the United states stayed out of the war. The term for this policy is? Neutral
Despite not being involved with the beginning of WWII President Roosevelt aided the allies with programs like cash and carry. Because of this the us became known as what? The Arsenal of Democracy
On December 7, 1941 the US was attacked by Japan here? Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
What ship was destroyed by the Japanese that killed over 1,000 Americans and is now a memorial? USS Arizona
What was the name of the secret program to develop the atomic bomb? Manhattan Program
What was the program designed to bring Mexican workers to the US? Bracero Program
The Supreme allied commander for the US during WWII was? Dwight Eisenhower
The famous WWII all African American pilots were named the? Tuskegee Airmen
The first ever attack on Japan was done by what group of pilots? Doolittle Raiders
What were the two beaches the Americans had to land on in France during DDay? Utah and Omaha
Hitlers last ditch effort to win in WWII was the battle of the? Bulge
The secret code the American used in the Pacific was developed by what group? Navajo code talkers
The largest defeat in US history led to Americans and Filipino captive to be march on what? Bataan Death March
The turning point for the Americans fighting in the Pacific took place where? Midway
American witnessed suicide cliffs here? Saipan
The bloody fighting were the flag was raised and Jack Lucas survived two grenades took place on this island? Iwo Jima
Despite being loyal to the US many Japanese-American were forced into what? Internment Camps
WWII ended with the atomic bombs landing in what two cities? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
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