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WWII in Europe

Unit 5a-WWII

One factor that allowed Hitler to come to power involved the end of WWI. What treaty ended WWI and angered the German people? Treaty of Versailles
Another factor that allowed Hitler to come to power was due to economics. What was the the economic disaster related to producing too much paper money? Hyperinflation
Mussolini and Hitler both promoted a type of government that stressed glory to the state. What is this system called? Fascism
Who was in power in the Soviet Union during WWII? Joseph Stalin
The Japanese were also practicing expansionism in the 1930's by invading what Chinese territory? Manchuria
What did Hitler use as his excuse for taking The Rhineland and the Anschluss? Lebenstraum
When Chamberlain and The French leader allowed Hitler to re-arm in 1938 it was called? Appeasement
What type of revolutionary warfare allowed Hitler to be so successful in WWII? Blitzkrieg
The German subs that patrolled the Atlantic were called? Uboats
The two bloody battles in Russia which eventually helped led to the downfall of the germans too place in what 2 sieged cities? Leningrad and Stalingrad
Who was Hitlers most famous commander who also helped design the Atlantic Wall? Erwin Rommel
In 1938 Hitler and the Germans began their violent attack on Jews. This night of the broken glass is called ? Kristallnacht
The most famous journal written about life during the Holocaust was written by whom? Anne Frank
The first extermination camp was set up here? Dachau
As a result of the Holocaust what trials were set up after the war? Nuremberg
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