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Mobile, Alabama

People, places, facts, and trivia about Mobile, Alabama.

Name three hashtags tourism ambassadors are encouraged to use on social media. #VisitMobile #BornToCelebrate #SoMobile
Mobile was once known as ____________________. (Hint: It was compared to another city. The Paris of the South
What organization is responsible for attracting visitors and conventions to Mobile and strengthening our image? Visit Mobile
How much money does tourism generate each year for Mobile? $1.2 billion
What amount of annual tax money is saved per Mobile household thanks to tourism? More than $400
How many people does the tourism industry employ in Mobile? More than 15,000 people
How many people visit Mobile each year? 3 million
How many businesses in the city are directly impacted by tourists? Nearly 400
How many trade shows do Visit Mobile representatives attend annually? 40
Where is the Mobile Welcome Center located? In the History Museum of Mobile
How many unique visitors view Visit Mobile's website each year? 300,000
How often is the Visit Mobile e-newsletter distributed? Bi-monthly
How many potential visitors receive the Visit Mobile e-newsletter? More than 25,000
How many people follow Visit Mobile's social media accounts? More than 125,000
How many copies of the Mobile Visitors Guide are distributed each year? 250,000
Where can people get a digital version of the Mobile Visitors Guide?
What is the price value of publicity generated by regional and national journalists' press trips? $4 million
Name five major events supported by Visit Mobile. 1. Mardi Gras 2. Senior Bowl 3. SouthSounds 4. 1065 5. Moon Pie Over Mobile New Year's Eve
When was Mobile founded? 1702
What nationality founded Mobile? French
By 1706, which four sites were established on Mobile Bay/River? 1. Dauphin Island 2. Dog River 3. Fort Louis de la Louisiane 4. The current site of the City of Mobile
Who founded Mobile? Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville
Mobile is the oldest permanent settlement and first capitol of _________________________. the original Colony of French Louisiana
Which state's first five governors resided in Mobile? Louisiana
What military event happened in 1763, and why was it significant for Mobile? The French lost the French and Indian War, causing Mobile — and all French territory east of the Mississippi — to be ceded to England.
When did French rule end in Mobile, and what country took over next? French rule ceded to England in 1763.
Who captured Mobile in 1780? Spanish governor Bernardo de Galvez
What battle ended English rule in Mobile in 1780, and which country took over next? The Battle of Fort Charlotte ended English rule in Mobile, and Spain took control.
What war was underway when Spain took control of Mobile? The Revolutionary War
When did Spanish rule end in Mobile, and which country took over next? 1813, when Mobile was captured by the United States
What U.S. general captured Mobile in 1813? General James Wilkinson
When did Mobile become part of the U.S.? 1813
What nation occupied Mobile during the War of 1812? United States
What now occupies the site of Fort Bowyer? Fort Morgan
What happened at Fort Bowyer? It was attacked twice by the British in 1812.
When did Alabama join the Confederate States of America? 1861
What date did Mobile Bay close as a Confederate port? August 5, 1864
When was the Battle of Mobile Bay? August 5, 1864
Who won the Battle of Mobile Bay, the Confederates or the Union? Union
Who said, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" Admiral David Farragut
Name the four forts in the Mobile area. 1. Fort Morgan 2. Fort Gaines 3. Fort Mims 4. Fort of Colonial Mobile
Where was the Fort of Colonial Mobile? Downtown Mobile
When was the Fort of Colonial Mobile (Fort Conde) built? 1723
When was the new Fort Conde built? 1976
What is the replica scale of Fort Conde compared to the original fort? 1/3 original size
What four groups controlled the Fort of Colonial Mobile? 1. The French 2. The British 3. The Spanish 4. American forces
The Fort of Colonial Mobile was involved in which battle and war? Battle of Fort Charlotte during the American Revolution
When was Fort Mims built? 1813
Where is Fort Mims located? Tensaw, in North Baldwin County
Who inspired the name for Fort Mims? Early Baldwin County settler Samuel Mims
Which group controlled Fort Mims? White Alabama settlers
Fort Mims was involved in which battle and war? Battle of Fort Mims, during the Creek War
Who was the commander of Fort Mims? Major Daniel Beasley
Who was killed while trying to close the gate of Fort Mims as Red Stick Indians invaded? Major Daniel Beasley
How many people died during the Fort Mims Massacre? 250
Where is Fort Gaines located? The east end of Dauphin Island
When did construction begin at Fort Gaines? 1819
When was Fort Gaines completed? 1862
Who finished the construction of Fort Gaines? Confederates
Who inspired the naming of Fort Gaines? War of 1812 hero General Edmund P. Gaines
Who was General Edmund P. Gaines? War of 1812 hero and namesake of Fort Gaines
Which groups controlled Fort Gaines? The United States and Confederate forces
Fort Gaines was involved in which battles and wars? The Battle of Mobile Bay, during the Civil War
What took place in August 2014? The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Mobile Bay
Where is Fort Morgan? The western tip of Mobile Point near Gulf Shores
When was Fort Bowyer built? 1813
When was Fort Morgan built? 1819-1833
Who inspired the name of Fort Morgan? American Revolution hero General Daniel Morgan
Which group controlled Fort Morgan? The United States, Confederacy
Fort Morgan was involved in which battle and war? The Battle of Mobile Bay, during the Civil War
Where did Alabama's Creek Indians stop to camp during the Trail of Tears? Fort Morgan
Where was the first Mardi Gras in America? Mobile
Who controlled Mobile during the first Mardi Gras? The French
Which came first, the founding of Alabama or the celebration of Mardi Gras? Mardi Gras
Who led the early French explorers? Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville
Who recorded the first Mardi Gras in his journal? d'Iberville
When was the first mention of Mardi Gras in Mobile? 1699
When was the first American celebration of Mardi Gras held? New Year's Eve 1831
Who started the first Mardi Gras street parade? Cotton broker Michael Krafft
What was the name of the first Mardi Gras society? Cowbellion de Rankin Society
When did themed Mardi Gras parades begin in Mobile? 1840
What brought a temporary end to Mardi Gras in Mobile? The Civil War
What year was Mardi Gras not held in Mobile? 1865
Who revived Mobile Mardi Gras after the Civil War? Joseph Stillwell Cain
What Mardi Gras Society did Joe Cain belong to? The Tea Drinkers Mystic Society
Who did Joe Cain dress as during his parade? Fictional Indian Chief Slackabamarinico
Who moved Mobile Mardi Gras from New Years to Fat Tuesday? Joe Cain
Name the last slave ship to enter the U.S. Clotilde
When did the last slave ship enter the U.S.? 1860
Who founded Africatown? Survivors of the Clotilde
How many sites are on the African -American Heritage Trail? More than 40
Name the African-American entrepreneur who helped construct the Saenger Theater and Mobile High School (now Murphy). Dave Patton
What was the name of the African-American school with a diverse arts curriculum? Emerson Institute
How many Mobile districts are listed in the National Register of Historic Places? Seven
Name the districts included in the National Register of Historic Places. 1. Church Street East 2. De Tonti Square 3. Lower Dauphin Street 4. Oakleigh Garden 5. Leinkauf 6. Old Dauphin Way 7. Ashland Place
Which two significant areas are not yet listed on the National Register? Midtown Mobile and Africatown
Where can people obtain information about a driving tour of the historic districts? The Welcome Center at the History Museum of Mobile and The Carnival Museum
How many National Landmark buildings are located in Mobile? Two
What are Mobile's National Landmark buildings? Old City Hall on Royal Street and the Government Street Presbyterian Church on Government Street
Name Mobile's two additional National Landmarks which are not buildings. The USS Alabama and the USS Drum
How many of Mobile's buildings and homes are listed in the National Register of Historic Places? 6,000
How many square blocks in Mobile are part of historic districts? 600
What makes the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception so special? It is a minor basilica
Which pope designated the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception as a minor basilica? Pope Paul VI
Why was the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception designated a minor basilica? It is the oldest congregation outside the original colonies.
How many minor basilicas are in the U.S.? 67
Which church is known for its stained glass? Christ Church Cathedral Episcopal
Where is Christ Church Cathedral located? Emanuel Street at Church Street
Which three artists created the stained glass in Christ Church Cathedral? 1. Louis Comfort Tiffany 2. Franz Mayer 3. D'Ascenzo
How many antebellum house museums are open for tour in Mobile? Eight
Name Mobile's antebellum house museums on tour. 1. Richard's DAR 2. Oakleigh 3. Conde-Charlotte (Colonial Dames) 4. The Bragg-Mitchell 5. The Carlen House 6. The Portier House 7. The Bernstein House (Carnival Museum) 8. The Vincent House (Mobile Medical Museum)
What is the name of the home where the Carnival Museum is located? The Bernstein House
What is the name of the home where the Mobile Medical Museum is located? The Vincent House
What is the second largest Delta system in the U.S.? The Mobile-Tensaw Delta
Alabama is number one in the world for the diversity of which seven species? 1. Freshwater turtles 2. Crawfish 3. Carnivorous Plants 4. Damsel Flies 5. Snails 6. Freshwater fish 7. Mussels
How many alligators are estimated to live in Alabama? 80,000
How many alligators are estimated to live in the lower Delta? 55,000
What is the name of the local naturalist who created the documentary, "America's Amazon: The Mobile-Tensaw Delta"? Dr. E.O. Wilson
What is another name for the Mobile-Tensaw Delta? America's Amazon
Where can you watch "America's Amazon" online? Vimeo
Name three beaches with an hour's drive of Mobile. Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach
How many species of birds migrate through Alabama? More than 270
When is the best time to see birds migrating through Mobile? October and March
When is the annual Alabama Coastal BirdFest? the first week of October
What is the name of the butterflies that migrate through Mobile? Monarchs
What are two special, bird-related designations Dauphin Island holds? It is one of the top 10 places in the world to watch birds and it was named America's Birdiest Coastal Town
How big is Dauphin Island's Audubon Bird Sanctuary? More than 164 acres
Where can people go online to learn more about Dauphin Island?
What are two ways people can explore the Mobile-Tensaw Delta by boat? Airboat Express and WildNative Delta Safaris
Where is Alligator Alley? Summerdale
How big is Alligator Alley? More than 20 acres
Where can people learn more about the Mobile-Tensaw Delta? 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center
Where can people buy nautical maps? Local bait shops and the Cypress Gift Shop at 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center
What is the name of the canoe trail along the Alabama Scenic River Trail? The Bartram Canoe Trail
When was the Bartram Canoe Trail formed? Mid-2000's
Who formed the Bartram Canoe Trail? The Alabama State Lands Division and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Who is the Bartram Canoe Trail named after? Explorer William Bartram, who was assigned by the King of England to explore Georgia, Florida, and Alabama
Why was William Bartram sent to Alabama? To catalog every species of plant and animal
What is the name of a popular area along Dog River where boaters enjoy recreation? The Dog River Scenic Blueway
Where can visitors rent a bicycle? Urban Emporium
How much does it cost to rent a bicycle for two hours? $14
How much does it cost to rent a bicycle for four hours? $20
How much does it cost to rent a bicycle for eight hours? $30
How much does it cost to rent a bicycle on Fridays? $5
Can you rent child-sized bicycles in Mobile? No
What did Golf Digest call Mobile? One of the top 10 golf value destinations in America
How many golf courses and holes does Mobile offer? More than 25 courses and 375 holes
What famous golf trail runs through Mobile? Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail
What is the name of the Mobile golf course on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail? Magnolia Grove
Name some ways people can tour mobile. Private car, motorcoach, historic trolley, pontoon boat, air boat, duck boat, pedicab, Segway, or foot.
What is Alabama's state flower? The Camellia Japonica
How many varieties of camellias are at Bellingrath Gardens? More than 400
What did Walter Bellingrath call the camellia? The aristocrat of Bellingrath Gardens
What blooms in the spring in Bellingrath Gardens? azaleas
What blooms in the summer at Bellingrath Gardens? Roses, hydrangeas, and tropical plants
What is Bellingrath Gardens' most famous attraction in the fall? The Cascading Chrysanthemums
How many acres are the Mobile Botanical Gardens? 100
What tree has been restored in the Mobile Botanical Gardens? The longleaf pine
How many acres of longleaf pines can be found at the Mobile Botanical Gardens? 35
Who started the Japanese Gardens in Mobile? Charles Wood
What year did the Charles Wood Japanese Gardens open? 1992
When is the Mobile Festival of Flowers? March
How big is the Mobile Festival of Flowers? More than 8 acres
Which organization receives the benefits from the Mobile Festival of Flowers? Providence Hospital
When was the Mobile Opera Guild founded? 1945
When did Mobile Opera move its offices? 2002
Where is Mobile Opera located? the Josephine Larkins Music Center
Which two musical organizations have been an important part of downtown revitalization? The Mobile Symphony and Mobile Opera
How big is the rehearsal hall at the Josephine Larkins Music Center? 2,400 square feet
Name eight local theater groups. 1. Joe Jefferson Players 2. Mobile Theatre Guild 3. Chickasaw Civic Theater 4. Theatre 98 5. Makalanie Theatre Ensemble 6. University of South Alabama Dramatic Arts 7. Bay Cities Improv 8. Playhouse in the Park
When was the Mobile Symphony established? 1970
What was the original name of the Mobile Symphony? Symphony Concerts of Mobile
When was the local Mobile Symphony Orchestra created? 1996
Where does the Mobile Symphony Orchestra perform? Saenger Theatre
When is the LoDa art walk? Every second Friday from 6-9 p.m.
What does LoDa stand for? Lower Dauphin Street
What happens every second Friday in downtown Mobile? LoDa Art Walk
Where are some of the places people can listen to live music in Mobile? 1. Soul Kitchen 2. The Steeple on St. Francis 3. Saenger Theatre 4. Callaghan's Irish Social Club 5. The Listening Room
What is Mobile's free newspaper? The Lagniappe
Who is Mobile's chief of police? Lawrence Battiste
What is another name for Prichard? The City of Champions
When did Mobile's current chief of police begin his position? April 2017
Who is Brian Belcher? Director of Marketing, Air Service Development, and Communications at the Mobile Airport Authority
Who is Cart Blackwell? Assistant Director and Architectural Historian at the Mobile Historic Development Commission
What is Cart Blackwell's scholarly focus? architecture and decorative arts in the American South
What two personal projects is Cart Blackwell involved in? Monographs of Clara Weaver Parrish and George B. Rogers
Who is the director of Marketing and Public Relations at Bellingrath Gardens? Sally Ericson
Who spoke about Mobile's African-American Heritage Trail? Karlos Finley
Who is Karlos Finley? A local municipal court judge heavily involved in Mobile's African-American Heritage Trail
What is the full name of Mobile's African-American Heritage Trail? The Dora Franklin Finley African American Heritage Trail
Who was the first African American doctor in Mobile? Dr. James A. Franklin Sr.
When did the first African-American doctor open an office in Mobile? 1917
What was the first African-American owned chain of drug stores in Alabama? Finley's Drug Stores
Who is program coordinator at the Mobile Arts Council? Lucy Gafford
What are some of Lucy Gafford's most well-known projects? Painting some of the oysters on the Oyster Trail
What is the name of the Mobile Art's Council's educational program? ChARTing New Directions
What is the former name of Visit Mobile? the Mobile Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau
Who oversees advertising, marketing, public relations, and social media for Visit Mobile? Stacy Hamilton
What former journalist now handles publicity and communications for the Downtown Mobile Alliance? Carol Hunter
What does the Downtown Mobile Alliance do? Supports the redevelopment of Mobile downtown Mobile through marketing, advocating and managing the Business Improvement District
What group handles minority relations in Mobile? The Minority Business Council of Mobile
Who is the editor/founder of The Mobile Mask? Steve Joynt
What distinction was Valerie Longa given? Listed among Coastal Alabama's Best and Brightest Twenty Somethings
What is the Eco-Team? the volunteer base of Cleaner, Greener, LoDa Committee
Who is the Alabama Coastal Foundation's Eco-Team coordinator? Valerie Longa
Who is Michon Trent? Senior Director of Civic Engagement for the City of Mobile
How many tourism ambassadors are there in Mobile? 200
Who is the President/CEO of Visit Mobile David Clark
Who is Katy Meador? Director of Partnership Marketing for Visit Mobile
What is Visit Mobile selling? The beauty of the area
How many members are in Visit Mobile? 500
When did Mobile see a decrease in tourism and why? 2010 because of the oil spill
What is Mobile's current average hotel occupancy? 63%
How much of a budget does the city give annually to Visit Mobile? $2.65 million
Who is the assistant chief of the Mobile Police Department? Clay Godwin
What is Project Shield? The Mobile Police Department's cyber intelligence unit that taps into surveillance cameras all over town to monitor places in real time.
How many surveillance cameras are part of Project Shield (as of July 2017) 5,000
How many surveillance cameras does Walmart contribute to Project Shield? 100
What are two ways the Mobile Police Department fosters community relations? Walk and Greet and Coffee with a Cop
What is the G.R.E.A.T. Program? The Mobile Police Department's program targeting area fourth graders to steer them away from gangs
How many students graduated from the G.R.E.A.T. program last year? 100
What is the name of the Mobile Police Department's program focusing on ninth graders? Bridging the Gap
What is the SCORE program? Gives non-violent drug dealers a one-time second chance to turn their lives around
What is the Mobile Police Department known for? Its extensive horse training facilities
When is National Night Out and what is it? August 1, a way for police and their communities to interact
What is Operation Superhero? Mobile's SWAT team dresses up as superheroes to see kids with cancer at the USA Womens and Childrens Hospital
What does the police SWAT team do the first week of September? Rappel off the roof of USA Hospital
When did the Downtown Mobile Alliance begin? The week after Hurricane Katrina
How do you reach Mobile's Motorist Aid Program? 251-327-SAFE
Who are the guys in purple? Members of the Mobile Business Improvement District
How many blocks are included in the Mobile Business Development District? 75-77
How many restaurants — not fast food — are in Mobile's Business Improvement District? More than 50
How many art galleries are in the Business Improvement District? Six
How many museum gift shops are in the Business Improvement District? Five
How many boutiques are in the Business Improvement District? 8
Are open containers allowed in downtown Mobile? Yes, from noon to midnight, as long as they are purchased from a licensed vendor and are no larger than 16 ounces
Is it legal to panhandle in downtown Mobile? No
What time is Motorist Aid available? Monday - Thursday 7 am to 7:30 pm Friday - Saturday - 7 a.m. to midnight Sunday 12 -4
What is LoDa Moda! Mobile's electric trolley
When does LoDa Moda run? Monday -Friday -6 Saturday 9-5
How many stops does the LoDa Moda make? 22
What is the LoDa Moda route? Lower Dauphin Street to the Cruise Terminal to Church St.
How often does LoDa Moda run? Every 20 minutes
What happens in Cathedral Square every Saturday? Farmer's Market from 7:30-12
When is the LoDa Art Walk? Every second Friday from 6-9 pm
Who is the Alabama artist of the year? William Christenberry
What began May 5? Alabama's three-year bicentennial celebration
Where can people drop off their recycling? Langan Park
Why did Alabama's bicentennial celebration begin in Mobile? Because Mobile is the oldest city in Alabama
What is Mobile's sister city? Havana, Cuba
What city does Mobile provide daily air service to? Chicago
How many airport hubs are in Mobile? Five
What was the Mobile Regional Airport's emplanement from 1989 to 2017 420,000
What years did the airport see an all-time high in passengers? 1997-1998 when ValueJet and AirTran were operating
How much is passenger enplanement up? 19 percent
What was 27-mile Bluff? The original location of Mobile
What is the only surviving building in Mobile with a cast iron facade and where is it located? The Daniels-Elgin building at Dauphin and Water Streets (also possibly Richards DAR)
What happened to Mobile's population during WWII? It doubled
What was the Golden Age of Mobile? 1940s-1960s
What was Mobile's first skyscraper and when was it built? The Van Antwerp building - 1907
What group saved Mardi Gras in New Orleans? the Mystick Krewe of Comus
What group parades with Joe Cain? The Lost Cause Minstrels
What is the oldest parading society in Mobile? Order of Myths
What is the African American community's oldest Mardi Gras society? Order of Doves
How many organizations parade in Mardi Gras? 53
Who is in charge of Mardi Gras? The people
Who was the first child born and baptized in Mobile? Jean Baptiste, of French and African descent
What was on the site of Fort Conde originally? Onion fields
Where was the slave market in Mobile? Royal Street
When was the last year it was legal to bring slaves to trade? 1808
What is the oldest Baptist church in Alabama? Stone Street Baptist, an African American church
When was Stone Street Baptist built? 1806
What is now located at the site where the last slave ship entered Mobile? Magazine Point, below the Africatown bridge
Who was the last known slave in Mobile? Cudjoe Lewis
What was the last slave ship brought illegally into Mobile? The Clotilde
Who was Bettie Hunter? African American who started Mobile's first horse and carriage service
Who established the Mobile Weekly Press and first morturary service for African Americans? African American entrepreneur A.N. Johnson
Who was Satchel Paige? Oldest rookie of the year
How many miles of rivers and streams does Alabama have? 132,000
How many jobs does eco tourism create in Alabama? 26,000
How much is spent each year as a result of ecotourism? $2 billion
What is the area from Mobile Bay to Louisiana called? The Fertile Crescent
What is Bellingrath Gardens also known as? The gardens that Coke built
How many plants bloom annually at Bellingrath Gardens? 85,000 - 100,000
How many mums are at Bellingrath Gardens during the Cascade of mums? 8,000 pots
What stands in the Rose Garden at Bellingrath Gardens? The fountain that was once at Bel Air Mall
How many people came to Magic Christmas last year? 70,000
How many people visit the Mobile Welcome Center each day? 50
Mobile is a _______________ not a pass-through. destination city
Who inspired the names for Dauphin Island and Dauphin Street? French King Louis XIV's great grandson
Which came first, Mobile or New Orleans? Mobile is 15 years younger than New Orleans
How did Mobile get its name? It is named for the Maubila Indians who lived here.
How many flags have flown over Mobile, and what were the nations? 6 - French, British, Spanish, Republic of Alabama, Confederate States of America, United States
What are Mobile's official Mardi Gras colors and what do they mean? Purple for justice and gold for power. Green is often included, but that is a New Orleans tradition, not Mobile.
Which church steeple was destroyed during a hurricane and recently replaced? Christ Church Cathedral
What was the History Museum of Mobile previously known as, and what is its significance? It was the old City Hall. It is a National Landmark and is the oldest continuously used seat of government in the U.S.
What is Mobile's largest export? Automobiles
Which automakers ship from Mobile? Kia, Mercedes, and Hyundai
What are some of the other things shipped from the port? Coal and rice
What was Mobile's first historic district? De Tonti Square
What does a house have to do in order to be called an antebellum home? Be built before the Civil War
What was used to sand the fence at the Richards DAR house? Walnut shells
Which is one of the few historic homes open on Sunday after church? The Richards DAR house
When was the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception founded? 1835
What is special about the stained glass windows at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception? They were made in Germany by the Franz Mayer Company in 1890-1910 and are valued at $144,000 apiece! In 1954, they were damaged by fire and sent back to Germany for restoration. They are currently being renovated.
Who is buried at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception? The first five bishops are buried in the basement.
What happened on the balcony of the Battle House hotel? Alabama seceded from the Union.
What is the value of the cast iron fence at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception? $1 million
What sister city gifted Mobile with the benches in Spanish Plaza? Malaga, Spain
What is the fuzzy plant that grows on trees downtown? Resurrection Fern
What was the first public school in Alabama? Barton Academy
What was once located at Washington Square? The Pest House for people sick with yellow fever
Which restaurant is a teaching restaurant and is partnered with Culinard? Kitchen on George
What is Mobile's official historic home? Oakleigh
What architectural style is Oakleigh built in? It is an antebellum home built in the Creole style.
Why is there so little Spanish moss in downtown Mobile? Air pollution
Which body of water leads from the Gulf of Mexico to the Saint Lawrence Seaway in Canada? The Tennessee-Tombigbee River
What is the scholarship rate of Mobile's School of Math and Science? 98 percent
What topographical feature is Mobile built upon? 3 hills - Springhill, Forest Hills, and Skyline
Why did the city of Mobile spread westward? Yellow fever
What is one of the oldest colleges in the United States? Springhill College
What are six architectural styles you might see in Mobile? Greek Revival, Italianate, Creole, Victorian, Queen Anne, and Craftsman
What was Termite Hall? The house where priests tending the sick stopped to rest their horses
How much rain does Mobile get in a year? 65"
Isn't Seattle the rainiest city in the U.S.? No. Seattle has more rainy days, but Mobile receives twice as much total rainfall.
How many Liberty Ships were built in Mobile? 1-2 per week
What road leads straight from Mobile to Chicago? I-65
How many people attend Dauphin Way Baptist Church? 12,000
What was built on the site of Wragg Swamp? Springdale and Bel Air Malls
Which two famous baseball players played at Springhill? Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron
What is the name of the scenic driveway at Springhill College? The Avenue of Oaks
Who was Mobile's poet priest, and what did he do? Bishop Michael Portier, who was the first bishop of Mobile
Where was the end of Mobile's original trolley line? Crichton
Where can people see one of Mobile's original trolley cars? Next to the Civic Center
What female author lived in Mobile? Augusta Evans
How did automakers use Spanish moss? They stuffed car seats with it and made dashes from the wooden boxes.
Where is the Children's Mardi Gras parade held? Ashland Place
Which historic home is not open on Saturdays and Sundays? The Bragg-Mitchell home
What is the largest antebellum home in Mobile? The Bragg-Mitchell home
When was the Bragg-Mitchell home built? 1855
Who is in charge of the Bragg-Mitchell home? The Mobile Exploreum
What are the only two original furnishings in the Bragg-Mitchell home? Two 900-lb mirrors made with 24 ct. gold leaf
What is the tallest building in Alabama? The RSA tower
Where is Mobile listed among the busiest ports in the U.S.? Ninth
What insect was introduced to Mobile through the port? The fire ant arrived through imported bananas
What is the second largest delta in the U.S.? The Mobile-Tensaw Delta
When was the Mobile Causeway built? 1925
When was the battleship built? 1965
What historic ship passed through the Panama Canal with only 11 inches to spare on each side? The USS Alabama
Where was Mobile's last battle fought during the Civil War? Blakely Island
What is the largest county east of the Mississippi River? Baldwin County
What does BATSMOBILE stand for? The 5 rivers that flow into Mobile Bay - Blakely, Appalachee, Tensaw, Spanish , and Mobile Rivers
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