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The Captured

HIST 226 Quiz #2

Who is the author of captured? Scott Zesch
A white indian was? An Anglo American taken captive by a tribe
When was Adolph Korn abducted? New Year's Day 1870
True or false: Captured was based solely on primary source materials written by Adolph Korn and Rudolph Fischer False
The Comanche-German Treaty of 1847 Agreed that the Comanche and Germans would become allies to fend off marauding tribes and advocate that both sides would work
The Southern Plains Indians major reason behind capturing white children were Adoption and Holding them for ransom
Adolph's Korn's Comanche name, Kachoco, closely translated to... "Not old" or "not an old man"
True or false: The Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty of 1867 ended all Indian raids in Texas False
True or false: The author suggests some previous captives sought official adoption into Comanche tribe to receive allotment of land under the Dawes Act. True
True or false: Adolph Korn, despite difficulties in returning to white society, married and lived out his later years as a prosperous ranch owner in Mason, Texas False
What do Rudolph Fischer and Adolph Korn have in common? They both left no record of their Indian life
True or False: Minnie Caudle was treated well by the comanches True
Watershed Treaty at the Medicine Lodge: - The Indians must live on reservations and stop roaming - They must give up hunting territory - Stop raiding white settlements and taking captives
According to some anthropologists, what were the two critical factors in determining whether white captive became fully immersed in the Native heritage? Abduction at an early age and a long residence with the tribe
Stockholm Syndrome The name of the theory used to describe how the captured come to identify with their captors
In 1868, Ulysses S. Grant reformed Indian relations by replacing military agents with who? Quaker agents
What Quaker was in charge of the Kiowa-Comanche agency, and had previously helped runaway slaves to freedom? Lawrie Tatum
How many women and children captives did Lawrie Tatum obtain by eventually having to use military threats? 26
What did the Comanches name Clinton? Backecacho, "End of a Rope"
What did the Apaches name Jeff? Catchowitch, "Horse Tail"
What was Hermann's new name and what did it mean? Enda, "White Boy"
The Lehmann brothers wouldn't see each other for another __ years 8
When the Apache Indians came back and raided Hermann's family, who did Hermann's white mother wound? What happened as punishment? Carnivoste, Hermann's adoptive Indian father and another Apache named Genava; they beat him
Who were some of the persistent searchers for captives? Marcus Goldbaum, Lorenzo Labadi, and George Gaboon
What happened to Willie Lehmann after the Indians were running from the recent ninth calvary attack? Through suspicious intentions by one of the horse back riding Indian captors, Willie fell off his horse, Herman thought they had killed him
Which captive was the most resistant in going back home? why? Rudolph Fischer, had taken a Comanche wife, he was around 19 at this time
What did the author say about the amount of time that Grandpa Korn looked for Adolph? Rapidly quick and easily gave up
After encountering and winning a successful battle with the Indians who held the Lehmann boys who was the first black regular to receive a Congressional Medal of Honor? Sergeant Emanuel Stance who led a troop of 10 African Americans of the ninth calvary
For the most part did the Apaches treat the boy captives any more harsher than they did their own sons? No
As a result of the Apache tribe lying saying they had killed off his family, what did Hermann decide to become? An Apache warrior; he thought he had nothing else to live for based off of their lies
Regional differences about Indian relations gave rise to what? Overheated editorials in America's newspapers
Were the people of the East of America sympathetic to the people of the West? Yes, but to a certain extent, many thought they were making up stories and other blamed the expansion of white settlement encroaching on Indian lands for the reason of their troubles
Gray Blanket Rudolph Fischer's Indian name
Smell Bad When you Walk Banc Babb's Indian name
Tired and Give Out Dot Babb
Created by: mstout
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