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Unit 4: Modern Nation

The fear of communist and outside influence post WWI be cam known as what? Red Scare
What was the famous trial took place in the 1920's which illustrates the fear of immigrants and anarchists? Sacco Vanzetti Trial
What terrible pandemic took place in 1918 that also added to nativism in the 1920's? Influenza
What entrepreneur revolutionized American industry through the assembly line and equal pay for all workers? Henry Ford
American economics also changed in the 1920's with modern advertising and the development of what so that consumers could borrow money? Credit
What President promised a "Return to Normalcy?" Warren Harding
The new roles and fashion of women during the 1920's were marked by this term? Flappers
The battle over teaching evolution in schools was tested in what court case? The Monkey Trial
What new amendment to the Constitution led to speakeasies and bootlegging? 18th Amendment
The Great Migration led to a rebirth in African-American culture which was called what? Harlem Renaissance
The painter that illustrated the Great Migration was whom? Jacob Lawrence
The famous flyer that became part of this new American pop culture was whom? Charles Lindbergh
What catastrophic event took place in 1928 that led to the Great Depression? Stock Market Crash
What President did American blame for the Depression? Herbert Hoover
This ecological disaster in the great plains also added to the misery during the depression years. Dust Bowl
Who was the President that promised a "New Deal" for Americans? Franklin Roosevelt
Roosevelt declared a bank holiday and created what program to monitor banks? FDIC
What program was dubbed Roosevelt's tree army? CCC
The largest New Deal program was what? WPA
What does social security do? Provides pensions for people 65 and older
One negative aspect of the New Deal is that it create a larger federal what? deficit
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