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World Power

Unit 3: Becoming a world power

What were the three causes of American Imperialism at the turn of the 20th century? Economics, power, and belief in cultural superiority.
One of the main reasons the US took Hawaii was due to what natural resource? Sugar
What way the official policy that allowed America to have a sphere of influence in China? Open Door Policy
The society of harmonious fists were part of what rebellion in China? Boxer Rebellion
Who won a nobel peace prize for brokering an agreement to end the Russo-Japanese War? Theodore Roosevelt
What was the battle cry during the Spanish-American War? "Remember the Maine to hell with Spain"
What letter also helped lead the US into war with Spain? De Lome Letter
What group led the charge up San Juan and Kettle Hill in Cuba? Rough Riders
Who was Pershing pursuing during the Mexican Revolution? Pancho Villa
What is the acronym we use to help remember the causes of WWI? MANIA
What battle was key in protecting Paris? Verdun
What battle of WWI had the most casualties? Somme
What battle was Quentin Roosevelt killed at? Chateau-Thierry
World War One is most famous for what kind of warfare? Trench warfare
What system did the US use to counter uboats? Convoy System
What court case upheld Wilson's sedition act? Schenck v. US
Who was the most decorated and famous US soldier during WWI? Alvin York
What was the famous and highly decorated a African American unit during WWI? Harlem Hell Fighters
What group helped America win the homefront because 1 million of them worked on the docks and railroad. Women
What famous event took place during WWI because this movement of people changed American cities like Harlem? Great Migration
What was Wilson's plan for ending WWI? 14 points
What treaty ended WWI? Treaty of Versailles
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