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Progressive Era

Unit 2: Progressivism

What court case established legalized segregation in America? Plessy V. Feguson
What is the name of the activist that created the African American training school at Tuskegee? Booker Washington
These two activist fought discrimination n the early 1900's by creating the NAACP. Ida Wells and W.E.B. Du Bois
This immigrant group was discriminated through debt peonage. Mexican
An activist who sought to expose corruption and abuses in American society during the 1900's were called what? Muckrakers
This man exposed the filth of the slums through the use of photography. Jacob Riis
What tragedy in 1911 when 140 women died helped reform fire safety laws? Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire
What is a referendum? Allows voters to enact a measure or reform through voting on it
Who was the Wisconsin governor that was known as one of the most important progressive reformers? Robert Lafollette
What did Upton Sinclair write? The Jungle
This suffragist was the first to pickett the White House Alice Paul
What amendment gave women the right to vote? 19th
Name 3 different parts of Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal. Trustbusting, meat inspection, and conservation
What did Roosevelt do to transform shipping and trade? Built the Panama Canal
Who was the hand picked successor to Teddy Roosevelt? William Taft
What president had a platform of reform called New Freedom? Woodrow Wilson
What financial institution was created by Wilson to monitor the economy through changing interest rates? Federal Reserve
What Amendment was added forcing all Americans to pay income tax? 16th
Created by: tlamphie
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