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Unit 1 Review

What new technique allowed America and the world to use steel because steel became cheaper and easier to use? Bessemmer process
The completion of this helped bring about time zones. Transcontinental Railroad
American capitalism during the Industrial Revolution was based on the belief of what concept where government stayed out of the business world? Laissez-faire
When a company dominates its competitors or controls the mean to produce something it is called a what? Monopoly
Who was the "prince" of American Steel? Andrew Carnegie
What is a negative term for someone who owned a monopoly? Robber Baron
What was the law passed in 1890 that was meant to limit monopolies? Sherman anti-trust Act
What is the name of the strike that took place in Chicago in which 11 people died? Haymarket Riot
What process allowed workers to negotiate with the employers in order to get more benefits for the union? Collective Bargaining
What inventor stated "Genius is 1% inspiration, 99 % perspiration?" Thomas Edison
Many immigrant that arrived in America had to go through what processing center? Ellis Island
When immigrants arrived in American towns they often stayed together in the same part of town. What are these called? Ethnic enclaves
When immigrants arrived they were often not liked by American who were already here. What is the term for people who did not like immigrants? Nativism
An example of assimilating immigrants into American culture is making them pass what? Literacy Tests
This women tried to help immigrant by establishing her Hull house. Jane Addams
Who runs the political Machine? Boss
What cartoonist helped bring down the tweed ring? Thomas Nast
What does populism mean? From the people
What Immigrant group helped form many of the traditions many Americans have during Christmas? Germans
What immigrant group was hated during the Industrial Revolution but is celebrated today? Irish
Created by: tlamphie
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