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Unit 2

Presumptive Nieserra gonorrhoeae and normal mouth flora

what are the five criteria that must be met before presumptive Neisseria gonorrhoeae can be called? Growth on Thayer-martin plate, oxidase positive, gram stain negative diplococci, normal sexual site: vaginal or urethral, must be age 12 or older
What 3 tests can be done to confirm Presumptive Neisseria gonorrhoeae? Gonogen 11, API Quad Ferm+, Rapid NH
Name some common skin contaminants that are normal mouth flora. Diptheroids, gamma strep, alpha strep, micrococcus
Name some constituents planted on modified Thayer-martin agar for detection of Neisseria gonorrheae? By what action to the help in detection? Vanomycin- inhibits gram pos. organims, Nystatin- inhibits yeast, Colistin- inhibits gram neg. organisms, and Trimethoprim Lactate- inhibits proteus swarming and other gram neg. organisms
Explain the Sugar fermentation confirmation test. The presence of sugar fermentation can differentiate the various Neisseria family based on the presence or absence of fermentation. N. gonorrhoeae ferments glucose only while N. meningitis ferments glucose and maltose.
What are some pathogens of the throat that are commonly tested for? Streptococcus pyogenes and arcanobacterium haemolyticum
What are Arcanobacterium haemolyticum? a diphtheroid like gram positive rod resembling beta strep on agar. Does not agglutinate in strep latex. A commercial kit is required for testing to confirm,
List 10 types of Normal mouth flora. alpha strep, gram. neg. rods, staph aureus, strep pneumonia, micrococcus, aerococcus, beta strep groups B,C,F,G, yeast, staph epidermidis, gamma strep. diphtheroids
What age group is routinely tested for Arcanobacterium haemolyticum? 30 years of age or younger
When are 2 confirmatory tests for presumptive N. gonorrheae required? if 1 to 4 of the criteria is met, if less then 12 yrs of age, specimen from non-sexual site to withstand in court of law.
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