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7th Grade SS Final

7th Grade Social Studies Final Exam Study Cards: Part I

What is a Primary Source? What are some examples? A Primary Source is the source of what happened from someone who was there. Some examples are someone who was there at the seen, pictures taken at the seen, or a diary of someone present.
What is a Secondary Source? What are some examples? A secondary source is the source of what happened from someone who wasn't there. Some examples include: Textbooks Articles.
Where did the earliest Americans originally come from? What allowed them to get to America? The earliest Americans are from Asia. They came to North America using the Land Bridge.
What does it mean to Adapt? Give an example of how Native American adapted to their environment. Adapt means to get used to surroundings and use whats around you for survival. An example is the Iroquois making longhouses out of wood. Another one is Native Americans using the skins of animals for clothes.
What is an Economist? A person who studies money and how it affects the society.
What kind of homes did the Iroquois live in? A longhouse
How did European Explorers coming to America affect the Native Americans? European explorers had brought over diseases, which killed lots of Native Americans.
What does it mean to be tolerant of someones Religion? Allowing someone to practice they're Religion.
Why is The Virginia House of Burgesses important to the development of America? The Virginia House Of Burgesses was important to the development of America because it was the first form of Representative Government.
Who are the Patriots? What side were they on? The Patriots wanted freedom from Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War. The Patriots were on the American's side.
Who are the Loyalists? What side were they on? The Loyalists were loyal to Greta Britain and the king. They wanted Great Britain to win.
What does it mean to Boycott? Stop use of products or services as protest.
Why did Americans boycott British goods? The British taxed Americans and Americans got angry.
What is the point of The Declaration of Independence? Declare independence.
Why is it that one branch can't become more powerful than the others? Checks and Balances.
What did the Great Compromise create? Created a two-house legislature.
What is the name of the first 10 amendments? What was the purpose of the first 10 amendments? First 10 Amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights are in place to tell us rights. Some examples are freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press.
What does it mean for people to exercise their rights to assembly? Allowed people to PEACEFULLY gather and protest. It says nothing of violence.
How can the Constitution be changed? Amendment
Three Branches of government are? Legislative, Judicial, and Executive.
What does the Legislative Branch do? Passes and makes laws.
What does the Executive Branch do? Carries out laws.
What does the Judicial Branch do? Decides if laws are fair.
What is Judicial Review? Reviewing a law to decide if a law is constitutional or not.
This piece of land was bought from France in order to gain use of New Orleans and doubled the size of the country. What is this called? Louisiana Purchase.
Who did Thomas Jefferson send to go explore, map region, and find a route to the pacific ocean? Louis and Clark
After the war of 1812, the USA was able to maintain it's freedom from Great Britain. True or False? True
What is the name of the canal built by Gov. Dewitt Clinton that helped link the Hudson River to the Midwest? Erie Canal
The book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, has to do with what war? Civil War
What does Manifest Destiny mean? The God given right to move Westward.
Did the events in Europe have a impact on American trade? Yes
Meaning of Sectionalism: Being loyal to a section, area, or state, rather than the whole country.
What event led to the South seceding from the union? President Lincoln becoming President.
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? Freed slaves and gave them rights.
The goal of the Literacy Test, Poll Taxes, and the Grandfather Clauses were to do what? Make it even harder for former slaves to get rights and voting rights.
What did the concept of "Separate but equal." create? Segregation
What was the Ku Klux Klan? A group who loved to terrorize African Americans.
What does function mean? It's job