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French Settlement

The 1500s No other attempted settlement after Cap Rouge for 100 years. Hard and risky. Made no money so no point to settle. Fishing home by flood boat.
Settlement 1600's fur fashion hats made of beaver, expensive. Now reason to go to Canada. Fur better in winter. Willing to risk everything for good profit. St. Lawrence and Acadia claimed good fur trading.
Fashion For men- padded calves, pasty white, pot belly. This meant rich and wealthy. For women- corset whale bone to suck in, giant hips meant good child bearing.
Beaver Parch/Felts Russia secret to rid of long hair. Felt meant everyday, some beaver and some other fur. Parch was standard pelt. Coat was long time wear and long hair gone. Used mercury to ride of long hairs. Poisoned many.
Race to settle Canada English and French want Canada. War too expensive. Catholics vs Protestants. Henry turned Protestant, majority hated him so he went back then all hated him. First to create religious monarch.
Monopoly The exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.
De Monts First noble to make monopoly.
Samuel De Champlain Sam "Father of Canada" because he fell in love with it.
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