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American Revolution

Major Events that led to the American Revolution. Grade 7 History 2017

What was the Proclamation of 1763? This prohibited settlement beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Colonists settled beyond the Appalachian Mountains were forced to move back to the 13 colonies. Britain did not intend to harm the colonists but many colonists took offence at this order
What was the Quartering Act? In 1765 Britain ordered that the colonists were to house and feed British soldiers if necessary.
What were the Townshend Acts? In 1767 these taxes were imposed to help make the colonial officials independent of the colonists and included duties on glass, paper and tea
What was the Boston Massacre In 1770 the unarmed colonists and British soldiers openly clashed in Boston.
Who were the Boston Tea Party? In 1773 a group of colonists disguised as Indians dumped tea overboard from three ships in Boston Harbor
What were Intolerable Acts In 1774 these were passed in response to the Boston Tea Party and placed restrictions on the colonists including outlawing town meetings and the closing of Boston Harbor. The colonists began to raise an army of 122, 000 men, 2/3 of whom were minute-men.
What was the Second Continental Congress? In 1775 all 13 colonies were represented at this meeting in Philadelphia. The colonists still hoped that their grievances would be met by King George III. George Washington was named head of the Continental Army.
What was Bunker Hill? In 1775 this major victory for the Colonists resulted in George III proclaiming the colonies in rebellion.
What does "Taxation Without Representation" mean? Being taxed without benefit of elected representatives to speak on your behalf.
Who were the minute men? Armed men (colonists) ready to fight at a moments notice.
Why were the minute-men important to the American Revolution? They allowed the colonies to respond immediately to war threats.
Created by: cianieri
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