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Events led to War

American Historical Events that led to the American Civil War

At what line did the Missouri Compromise of 1820 divide the nation? 36 30' parallel line
Where does some Southerners want the Missouri Compromise of 1820 to expand to? The Pacific Ocean and other areas
Where was Congressman David Wilmot from? Pennsylvania
What did the Wilmot Proviso attempt to prohibit? The expansion of slavery into territory acquired from the Mexican War
In what year did the Wilmot Proviso attempt to prohibit the expansion of slavery? From what land would slavery be prohibited? 1848
What does John Calhoun do? He proposes laws that state Congress has no right to prohibit slavery in any part of the U.S.
What was the first compromise of The Compromise of 1850? California is a free state
What was the second compromise of The Compromise of 1850? The slave trade is abolished in Washington D.C.
What was the third compromise of The Compromise of 1850? New Mexico and Utah will decide is they want slavery or not
What was the fourth compromise of The Compromise of 1850? Texas will give up their land for payment of debts
What was the fifth compromise of The Compromise of 1850? The Fugitive Slave Act will take place
Was the Compromise of 1850 passed? Yes
The _____________ __________ __________ allows Southerners to recover escaped slaves in the North. Fugitive Slave Act
In what year did the Fugitive Slave Act occur? 1850
Where do Blacks move to after the Fugitive Slave Act is passed? Canada
What do Abolitionists do to the Fugitive Slave Act? Abolitionists stop the enforcement of the act and make it difficult to enforce
In what year is Uncle Tom's Cabin come out? 1852
What does Uncle Tom's Cabin tell? It reveals the ugliness of slavery, however, most of the information was false
What did Uncle Tom's Cabin cause? People in the North are
Who is Stephen Douglas? A congressman who based his politics on expansion and popular sovereignty. He opposes expansion of slavery but he does not admit that it is evil
What does Stephen Douglas desire? A railroad through Nebraska Territory
When did the Kansas Nebraska Act occur? 1854
What did the Kansas Nebraska Act repeal? The Missouri Compromise of 1820 ban on keeping the slavery below the 36 30' line
What will popular sovereignty decide in the Kansas Nebraska Act? If Kansas and Nebraska should be slave states or free states
What is the first thing that the "Know-Nothings" support? Anti-Immigrant (believe immigrants are stealing their jobs)
What is the second thing that the "Know-Nothings" support? Anti-catholic
What is the third thing that the "Know-Nothings" support? Dislike Blacks
What is the fourth thing that the "Know-Nothings" support? Support slavery
Where are members of the Republican Party from? They are all from the North
What does the Republican Party support? They want to keep slavery from expanding into the near west
What does the Republican Party fear? They fear slavery will replace free white labor because slaves are not paid
When does Bleeding Kansas occur? 1855
What is the first part of Bleeding Kansas? Voters will decide if Kansas will be a free or slave state
What is the second part of Bleeding Kansas? Abolitionists and pro slavery supporters rush to occupy Kansas
What is the third part of Bleeding Kansas? Pro slavery supporters elect a pro slavery legislature in Lecompton
What is the fourth part of Bleeding Kansas? Abolitionists elect their own anti-slavery legislature in Topeka
What is came out of Bleeding Kansas? (What occurred from it?) Angered abolitionists John Brown and his sons will hack 5 pro slavery men in front of their families at Pottawatomie Creek Kansas
What led to the Brook Sumner Incident? Senator Charles Sumner demands that Kansas be a free state and personally insulted Stephen Douglas and South Carolinian Senator on the floor of the capital
What then happened in the Brook Sumner Incident? Congressman Preston Brooks beats Sumner with his cane for the insult at his uncle
What happened after the Brook Sumner Incident? After beating Charles Sumner, Preston Brooks receives hundreds of canes so he may bash northerners again. Preston Brooks is considered a Southern national hero. Northerners are shocked and have evidence of Southern brutality.
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