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Road to Am. CW TEST

According to the Missouri Compromise Missouri was proposed to be admitted to the Union as a what kind of state? free
The Wilmot Proviso proposed that slavery should be outlawed from all lands won from ______. Mexico
What did John Brown do? He led a slave revolt in the land of Kansas
What did Harriet Beecher Stowe write? Uncle Tom’s Cabin
hat did the Compromise of 1850 which compromise proposed? It proposed that the slave trade in Washington D.C. be abolished
How many parts did the Compromise of 1850 have? 5
This compromise proposed that California be added as a free state? Compromise of 1850
According to the Compromise of 1850, New Mexico and ______ would determine their fate as to whether or not that would be free or slave? Utah
According to the Compromise of 1850, who gave up its land claims in New Mexico to pay for its war debts? Texas
What is Popular Sovereignty? The ideas that the people should be empowered to determine their fate on the question of slavery in their geographical landscape.
Where did Stephen Douglas desire to be build a railroad? across the territory of Nebraska
Which of the following party is the following true about: Feared foreigners and did not support African Americans The Know-Nothing Party
The following is true of which party: Stop the spread of slavery and feared slavery would replace free white labor. The Republican Party
According to the Missouri Compromise, what line of latitude would have outlawed slavery? North of the 36 30’ line
The Fugitive Slave Law was the final portion to be proposed of which compromise? Compromise of 1850
What did Fugitive Slave Act require? This law required that Northerners catch and return runaway slaves
U.S. Congressmen from Pennsylvania designed and wrote this and it outlawed slavery in lands acquired from the Mexican-American War. The Wilmot Proviso
Where did Northern African Americans typically move to Canada because they feared what? the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law
According to the Missouri Compromise, what line of latitude would have allowed slavery? South of the 36 30’ line
What is containment? The idea of attempting to slow down the spread of slavery
Which of the following are TRUE about compromises? They include give and take perspective
Stephen Douglas that slavery should not be expanded into this US geographical region? Southwest
Who proposed the idea that the Nebraska Territory should be divided into Nebraska and? Stephen Douglas
The this party’s membership was comprised or made up of people who lived in the North? Republican Party’s membership
Who argued that the Missouri Compromise should be extended or expanded to the Pacific Ocean? Senator John Calhoun
Created by: mrsmurphy14