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Road To Civil War

Which state was free in the Missouri Compromise of 1820? Missouri
Why was slavery legal under the line 36, 30 degrees? Because there were a lot of plantations in the South, and people needed slaves to work on them.
What was the proposed Amendment that was made to prohibit the advance of slavery? The Wilmot Proviso
Who was the person that made the Wilmot Proviso? David Wilmot
Who was the Kentucky Congressman that was know as the "Great Compromiser?" Henry Clay
What did the Fugitive Act allow? It allowed Southerners to recover from slaves that have escaped to the North.
What was the outcome of the Fugitive Act? Many African American slaves were afraid and fled northern to Canada.
Who was the famous congressman who based his politics on expansion and popular sovereignty? Stephen Douglas
What does sovereignty mean? It means to self govern.
What did Stephen Douglas desire? He desired a railroad through Nebraska Territory but southern congressman were against it.
In the Compromise of 1850, which state was free? California
In the Compromise of 1850, where is slave trade abolished? Washington D.C.
In the Compromise of 1850, what two states had to decide if they want slavery or not? New Mexico and Utah
Which state gave up it's land claims in New Mexico for payment of their debts in the Compromise of 1850? Texas
Stephen Douglas repealed what? He repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 ban on keeping slavery below the 36, 30 degree line.
Where did the Know-Nothings come from? They came from all parts of the nation.
Who did the Know-Nothings not like> Immigrants, Catholics, African Americans, but they approved slavery.
Created by: 17nevans
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