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Texes Social Studies

The issue of Slavery civil war

The Issues leading to CWpeople, events,
19th Century division intensified between slave holding south and non slave holding north. Congress made an effort to keep a balance between the number of slave states and free states
Missouri compromise of 1819 no further states west could be slave states. Missouri let in as the last slave state in 1820
The compromise of 1850 admitted California as a free state, but also passed the fugitive slave law which resulted in escaped slave and in some cases free blacks being captured and returned to the south
Uncle Tom's Cabin published in 1852, the story by Harriet Beecher Stowe focused on the destruction of a slave family and humanized slaves
The Kansas/Nebraska Act 1854 This act divided the Nebraska Territory in Nebraska and Kansas and allowed the residents of these areas to vote whether they wanted slavery or not.
Dred Scott decision of 1857 Ruled that Dred Scott, a slave who had lived in both slave and free states was in fact property and be taken to any section of the country and remain a slave. Did not have rights/not a citizen
Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860, In April of 1861 southern troops captured Ft Sumter in South Carolina. The Civil war had begun.
The Union-North-Blues Led by General Ulysses S Grant-Above the Mason-Dixon Line including the border states of Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware and Maryland. The Western part of Virginia succeeded from Virginia to become a new state. West Virginia.
The Confederacy-South-Grays President Jefferson Davis-Military Led by General Robert E Lee-The border states of Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas and Tennessee joined the Deep South. Lee had many victories.
The WAR In April of 1861 southern troops captured Ft Sumter in South Carolina. The Civil war had begun. lasted from 1861- 1865 more than 1 million casualties
Major Events During 1863 *A Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation *General Grant captured Vicksburg, Mississippi and cut off a major supply line for the south *Battle of Gettysburg deadliest day in American History
Surrender Appomattox courthouse-General Lee surrendered to General Grant
Assassination One week after the confederate surrender-A Lincoln was assassinated in the Ford theater by John Wilkes Booth
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