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Texes Social Studies

Texas History

Texas Historyhistorical points of reference
Pre conquest Native populations- Texas Texas-Comanche, Apache, Kiowa lived on the plains Coahuiltecans lived on the coast, Caddo lived in the woodlands all lived off the land- hunters gatherers or farmers resourceful in making tools for their own use none had writing or science adv.
pre conquest Native populations-Other US natives lived on gulf coast florida - texas, those on the plains Buffalo hunters, Pueblos southwest and woodlands(both coasts) again, lived off land, resourceful-no writing or science advances
Pre conquest Native populations-Western Hemisphere 1000's of tribes-emphasis on Incas and Aztecs
Incas South america-Andes Mountains-advanced agriculture, trading, networks, craftsmen and merchants. advanced making basic goods and luxuries. writing systems, calendars, advanced math, and medical advances
Aztecs Present day Mexico-advanced agriculture, trading, networks, craftsmen and merchants. advanced making basic goods and luxuries. writing systems, calendars, advanced math, and medical advances
European Exploration-Texas 1519- first set eyes on Texas LT Alonso Alvarez de Pineda , Coronado 1540-SW and N Texas
European Exploration-Texas cont-slave 1528-Cabeza de Vaca with an African slave named Estevanico Shipwrecked
European Exploration-Texas cont-gold 1540-Coronado -SW US and N Texas-Searched for the seven cities of Cibola -GOLD
European Exploration-Texas cont-french 1685- Cavelier and La Salle claim Matagorda Bay for France- GLORY
Missionary Activities Franciscan Monks set up missions TEXAS and SW 1716-1789-Civilize natives, Most well known-San antonio, Goliad, and Nacagdoches-GOD
Colonization 1821 Mexico gained its independence from Spain-started recruiting colonists for Texas- had to agree to follow Mexican laws and convert to Catholicism-largely ignored
Colonization-big push 1823 Stephen F Austin began to recruit Americans from southern states and they were attracted to the promise of cheap land. They failed to note that slavery was outlawed in Mexico
Texas Revolution 1830- colonists failed to become Mexicans and the Mexican government forbid further colonists to come to Texas. Oct 2, 1835 Texas Revolution officially began at the Battle of Gonzales
Texas Revolution-Texas Declaration of Independence March of 1836- Massacre at Goliad, Battle of the Alamo- Defeats. fighting continued and at the Battle of San Jacinto, the Mexicans were defeated and President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was taken prisoner and Texas won it's independence
The Republic of Texas Texas constitution modeled after US constitution. Sam Houston President, slavery legalized. 2nd president was Mirabeau Lamar-opposed joining the US. Influx of German and French immigrants and Houston was president of Texas again. no consecutive terms
State of Texas 1845 Texas joined US and J Pinckney Henderson first Governor of Texas
Early Statehood 1846- Mexican American War-boundary-Rio grande 1850- Gave up big sections of land for 10 Million from the US-Compromise of 1850 1861- Governor Houston urged voting against secession, he was deposed by Confederate government
Texas in the Civil War only 25% Texans owned slaves. State wanted right to make decision on issue of Slavery very few battles-those that did were on the coast
Juneteenth June 19 1865, Texas Acknowledged that slaves were in fact free.
election 1868 Most conservatives boycotted the election, those that wanted freed slaves won overwhelmingly. Under the new Constitution the first gov was Edmund Davis, 13 and 14 ammendments were quickly ratified/citizenship&voting
March 30 1870 Texas readmitted to the Union and reconstruction ended Increased violence toward AA and a new state education system Coke first democratic governor of Texas
Frontier Texas Cattle= major aspect of ranching, more plains indians displaced due to ranching. 1890 Jim Hogg elected as first native Texan Governor. Supported public schools and invested in teacher training scholarships. He also sought investment in Texas
The Oil Boom Cattle and cotton were soon displaced by a new Texas King-Oil. January 10 1901 with the discovery of oil at Spindletop. Oil dominated Texas economy until the 1980's
20 and 21 Century Texas In addition to oil and gas, 20th century texas Economy moved from agriculture to technology. Military bases emerged, bringing numerous jobs and economic revenue. Tech based companies, Data Systems, Dell Computers, and Texas Instruments.
Created by: Rockymento
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