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Exam Review

4. American Cultural Developments

Colonial Era Music
Fisk University Choir
Household Music
Music During the Great Depression and WWII
Similarity among blues, soul, and rap
The Religious Right as it relates to American Culture (Music, Social Issues)
Realism in Painting
New Deal Commissions
painting reflecting the energy of the expanding country
Ash Can School Characteristics
Pop Art Characteristics
Control of Public Education
Religious freedom in Colonial America
Significance of the Second Great Awakening
People's Religious practice during the decades following WWII
Reason for the growth of Fundamentalism
Scopes Monkey Trial
Ideas Supported by the Social Gospel Movement
End of the Social Gospel Movement
Objective Journalism
Newspapers in Colonial America
What did Listerine do? They advertised dirtiness as a disease and came up with the "cure" to fix the bad breath smell.
The "Theater of the Mind" The Radio
When television went public
Direct and Repetitive advertising technique
Intent of the Gallup Poll being able to tell the attitudes of american's by taking poll's
Created by: lillestolen