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Exam Review

3. Peace and Responsibilities of Global Leadership

Significance of the Monroe Doctrine Document insisting in that Europe stop seeking additional colonies in the Western Hemisphere, the Roosevelt Corollary was created to enforce this.
Arguments for imperialism US needs to spread christianity and democracy, our trade was benefit from foreign markets, we need compete against superpowers.
Effects of the Spanish-American War US gains imperial territory, rise of anti-imperialism, military lessons (we need a canal in Panama)
Roosevelt Corollary- Gave the US the right to use Military Force to control the America's
Big Stick and Dollar Diplomacy "Speak softly and carry a big stick" versus spending money on foreign countries in order for them to open up to us so that we can expand our international influence.
U.S. Government actions to gain support for WWI German unrestricted submarine movement, Britian cutting all Germany's transatlantic telegraph cables, Wilson's admiration for the allies, Overthrow of the Russian Czar, Zimmerman telegram
Effects of WWI 1. Empires fall, Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations was created, US enters global arena.
Significance of the League of Nations
Appeasement Keeping everyone happy so that we can avoid war and keep peace.
Lend Lease Lending products to allies so they give us bases
D-Day Biggest invasion...
Iwo Jima, Okinawa The japanese cities that we dropped the atomic bombs on.
Manhattan Project and options considered by Truman The creation of the Atomic Bomb, demonstrate on an uninhabited island, drop it with prior warning, drop with no prior warning, or don't us it at all
Nuremberg Trials Convicting Nazi's for war crimes during the Holocaust
Containment, Marshall, Truman Doctrine, Eisenhower Doctrine
Berlin Airlift Russians stopped all transportation into Berlin and it caused the US had to airlift food and supplies to berlin. The did this because the US had stripped them of all machinery and had started the marshall aid to undermine them.
Brinkmanship, Containment, and the Domino Theory Is the thought that we are right on the edge of war all of the time, keep communism from spreading to other countries, and the theory that if one country in Asia fell to communism the rest would fall, this got us involved in Vietnam.
CIA actions in the Middle and Latin America in the 1950's and 60's
Results of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Impact of the Tet Offensive and My Lai Massacre on the homefront People at home began to revolt against the injustices that we were causing, they both caused psychological defeat.
Ways a person could avoid military service Be a conscientious objector, make up a health condition, Run away to Canada, Go to college, enlist, tear-up your draft paper.
Pentagon Papers Documents released about how the government wasn't telling us the truth about the Vietnam War.
Results of the Vietnam War Vietnamization called for us to leave Vietnam and after doing so the 73' Paris agreement happened and then the fall of Saigon.
Legacy of the Vietnam War People lost faith in the government, the new era of conservationism countered liberalism, and people questioned US involvement in future conflicts
Greatest foreign policy accomplishments of Nixon and Kissinger Opened up China and Russia; Ping Pong Policy
SALT I and II Strategic Arms Limitation Talks/Treaty The first talk succeeded but the second one never happened because of
Created by: lillestolen
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