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Exam Review

2.The American Presidency, Political Parties, and Leadership

Accomplishments of George Washington's Presidency Established cabinet, believed that congress should have their power apart from president, picked the site of the White House and the Capital.
Definition of Civic Virtue is a morality or a standard of righteous behavior to citizen's involvement in society; exhibited by voting, volunteering, organizing a group
Definition of Republic form of government in which power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote
Spoils System Friends and Relatives of the President (or other legislative position) are given jobs in the government regardless of their education.
Reform-minded Presidents of the Progressive Era Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson
Components of the "Wisconsin Idea" Initiative, Referendum, Recall, and Secret Ballot
Hardings "Normalcy" Harding wanted the US to go back to the way that it was before the war.
Coolidge's Laissez-Faire approach Dawes Plan and Kellogg-Briand pact
National Defense Education Act Response to Sputnik, encourage the improvement in teaching science and math in schools.
1960 Presidential Debates Between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, was on obvious win for JFK because he was much more comfortable on TV, was the first televised debate.
Components of Kennedy's New Frontier Space Race, Fight Poverty and Communism
Trend which began to emerge in the Democratic and Republican Parties in the 60's Moderate and Conservative/Liberal fractions emerged in opposition to each other.
1968 Democratic National Convention In Chicago thousands of Vietnam War protesters battle police in the streets the result was the democratic party falling apart over internal disagreements regarding Vietnam.
Nixon and the Silent Majority It was a speech that Nixon gave to the people, referring to the people who don't speak up until they vote.
Causes of Watergate Nixon's paranoia of political enemies, Nixon surrounded himself with loyalists, his insecurities of losing elections, the Vietnam War,
Lessons/Significance of Watergate Freedom of press worked, two-party system worked, checks and balances worked, the rule of the law was upheld, a reform era for government began.
Gerald Ford's memorable action Pardoning his predecessor, Nixon of the watergate scandal.
New Right was created to get the economy bad in track and included unemployment insurance, created federal work projects to get unemployed a job.
Democratic Leadership Council Was founded to keep the democratic party alive but when it was first founded it was meant to shift away the leftward turn it took.
Political Geography North and East are more politically liberal and the South and West are more politically conservative.
Republican's during the 1960's New Right: Shrinking the fed. gov't, cut social programs, and restore christian value. Contract with American
Democrats during the 1960's 1968 Democratic convention, Democratic Leadership Council
Created by: lillestolen
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