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Unit 6

Cold War

Cold War the period after WWII between the superpowers, Soviet Union and US, where the rest of the world was soon divided into opposing camps without an actual outbreak of war but with heightened tensions and fear of nuclear war
Truman Doctrine statement made by President Truman that promised military and economic assistance to Greece and Turkey when they were threatened by communism
Marshall Plan Secretary of State George Marshall proposed a plan to help European “countries after WWII so they would not turn to communism” in 1947
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization signed in 1949 by the US and its Western European Allies and its purpose was to defend Western Europe against any Soviet aggression
Korean War 1950 - North Korean troops (communist) invaded South Korea (non-communist) - UN sent troops - still no permanent peace - art of the Cold War
Domino Theory the theory that communism would spread from one country to its neighboring countries like a row of dominoes and this belief helped to get the US involved in Vietnam
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty - treaty signed in 1972 by the US and the Soviet Union agreeing to limit the number of nuclear warheads and missiles and whose purpose was to help reduce tension of the Cold War
Detente Nixon's foreign policy of easing Cold War tension between the US & the Soviet Union with such agreements as the SALT treaty and with increased trade
Space Exploration in the 1960's race to explore space and land a man on the moon between the United States and the Soviet Union, part of the Cold War
Vietnam in the 1960's the US sent troops to the area and did not withdraw until 1975 and this caused many deaths and protest in the US
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