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Civil War Review Set

All of the Civil War info.

What are border states? slave states that border states where slavery is illegal.
What is a blockade? armed forces that block the traffic of goods and people.
What does king cotton mean? the confederates want to keep their cotton.
Explain the Anaconda Plan: - Winfeild Scott developed the plan for the Union. -It's three actions were; a naval blockade, taking control of the Mississippi River, and capturing Richmond, Virginia. -Each action was supposed to accomplish a tighter squeeze on the confederacy.
How did slavery figure into the American Civil War? Due to Abraham Lincoln's win in the presidential election, the southerners seceded in fear of slavery abolishment. Then, fought Fort Sumter in the first battle in the Civil War.
Why did the South decide to fire on the federal troops at Fort Sumter? The troops were weak without supplies.
List the Union strengths: Large population, owns 85% of nations factories, owns 70% of the nations railroad, and owns almost all Naval shipyards.
List the Union weaknesses: They depend on long supply lines, have fewer good military leaders, and are fighting an offensive war.
List the Confederate strengths: Vast size, good generals, and are on the defensive side of the war.
List the Confederate weaknesses: The Confederates have a small population, few factories, fewer railroads, and no naval power.
Created by: Slick911