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8th Grade Review

The direct election of senators Seventeenth Amendment
women were granted the right to vote nineteenth amendment
Alcohol becomes illegal eighteenth amendment
Created the Missouri Compromise Henry Clay
Court Case: Argued in times of war groups such as Japanese Americans had limited rights Koramatsu v. United States
These shanty towns developed during the Great Depression and were named after a President Hoovervilles
Raids that were focused on weeding out the communists during the 1920's Palmer Raids
Best Baseball Team Red Sox
belief that all immigrants are bad, often immigrants themselves nativists
Nicknamed the Trustbuster Theodore Roosevelt
Anti Trust Law Sherman Anti trust Act
Cause of the Civil War: made California a free state, enacted the fugitive slave act, popular sovereignty used to determine if a territory would become free or slave, banned slave trade in D.C Missouri Compromise of 1850
Gave all citizens the right to vote Fifteenth Amendment
massive dust storm during the Great Depression that forced thousands of people to lose their farms Dust Bowl
A set of laws to ensure segregation and discrimination in the South after the Civil War Jim Crow Laws
Big Business that dominate a particular industry monopoly
Muckraker who wrote how the other half lives Jacob Riis
outlaws slavery thirteenth amendment
letting the people determine the law based on a vote popular sovereignty
Abolitionist who led a raid on Harper Ferry, cause of the Civil War Jim Brown
Court Case; 1857: Slaves are property and do not have rights; cause of the Civil War Dred Scott vs Sanford
Forcing the North to turn over all runaway slaves back to the South Fugitive Slave Act
The period of time immediately following the Civil War, meant to rebuild the South , was a disaster Reconstruction
President who ordered the drop of the Atomic Bomb Truman
Act that guaranteed labor rights and the right to organize in 1935 Wagner Act
Theodore Roosevelt ran for this third party in 1912 Progressive Party
Set up assistance to the elderly as a new deal program Social Security Act
Lincoln passed this law in 1863 that freed all slaves south of the Mason Dixon Line Emancipation Proclamation
1882 immigration act, excluded Chinese immigrants Chinese Exclusion Act
Chinese immigrants helped build this Transcontinental Railroad
The act helped settle the west by giving settlers 160 acres of free land Homestead Act
Wrote The Jungle, exposed Chicago meat packing plant Upton Sinclair
someone who exposes social or political corruption in the early 20th century muckraker
Terrible hockey team, Dawson and Trevster's Favorite Canadians
Period of time in the early 20th century where corruption and politics in politics and big business was tackled Progressive Era
an abolitionist novel written by Harriet Beacher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin
tax aimed at African American voters to prevent them from voting poll tax
abolitionist leader of the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
Founded an abolitionist Newspaper ( The North Star), an escaped slave Fredrick Douglas
movement against slavery abolitionist
policy of taking over a country for its natural resources imperialism
Idea that everybody gets an equal chance to succeed Square Deal
President Responsible for bringing the country out of the Great Depression with his New Deal Programs Franklin Roosevelt
means to pass or approve ratify
President who passed the Square Deal Theodore Roosevelt
Corrupt political boss who was brought down by Thomas Nast with political cartoons Boss Tweed
Reasons immigrants came to the U.S Pull factors
This area had more manufacturing during the Civil War The North
This caused the immediate secession of the South in 1860 Election of Lincoln
Immediate cause of World War 1 Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
Peace Plan of Woodrow Wilson after World War One Fourteen Points
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