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7th Grade Review

Colony where Quakers are found Pennsylvania
Important Battle in New York, a major turning point for the colonists Battle of Saratoga
Early victory for the colonists where they waited to shoot until they saw the white in their eyes Battle of Bunker Hill
Refuse to buy goods or services Boycott
To approve Ratify
War that developed the Proclamation Line of 1763 French and Indian War
A crop sold for profit Cash Crop
First successful colony in 1607 in the current America Jamestown
Group of people searching for religious freedom who settled in Plymouth Pilgrims
Lines that run east-west latitude
lines that run north-south longitude
bought for 15 million from France in 1803, doubled the size of U.S, wanted for Mississippi River and Port of New Orleans Louisiana Purchase
President that set many precedents including only serving for two terms G Dubz
Hiring your friends and supports for government jobs Spoils System
President who used the spoils system Andrew Jackson
Three cornered trade involving rum, slaves, and molasses Triangular Trade
trip across the Atlantic that African slaves were forced to take, conditions on the ship were very poor Middle Passage
document defining self rule and government signed by the Pilgrims The Mayflower Compact
policy of the colonies only existing to benefit the mother country Mercantilism
ordered colonists to remain east of the Appalachian Mountains following the French and Indian War; upset the colonist Proclamation Line of 1763
Document that explained the break away from England by the colonies, America first began with its creation Declaration of Independence
First written constitution of the Untied States, was too weak Articles of Confederation
Group who supported revolting against England Patriots
Slogan that explained why colonists were upset with taxes No taxation without representation
Group of colonists who supported the King of England Loyalists
Harsh British Laws meant to punish Boston for the Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts
Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine explaining to colonists why revolution was needed Common Sense
Tax act that put a tax on all stamps Stamp Act
led by James Madison and John Adams; wanted a stronger federal government Federalists
one who believes in doing only what the Constitution states Strict interventionist
power of Supreme Court to determine if laws are fair Judicial Review
led by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, wanted states to have more power Republicans
one who believes in a broad interpretation of the Constitution Loose Constructionist
Where each branch has power to make sure the other branch does not abuse its power Checks and Balances
Guarantees Freedom of Speech and Religion First Amendment
Guarantees the right to bear arms Second Amendment
Court Case that established Judicial Review Marbury V. Madison
Court Case ruling in favor of the Cherokees in Georgia, but the Court was ignored by Jackson Worcester V. Georgia
Conflict that started over the impressment of sailors War of 1812
made it crime to criticize the government under John Adams Alien and Sedition Acts
statement by Washington to remain neutral Proclamation of Neutrality
treaty where the British gave up Forts, but required U.S to pay for some debt Jay Treaty
treaty that ended the Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris
victory by American Forces led by Andrew Jackson over the British Battle of New Orleans
Hamilton's Financial plan called for the creation of a National Bank
1830 law that removed native American people from their homeland out west Indian Removal Act
forced removal of the Cherokee People, journey where one out of four died Trail of Tears
god given right and belief that the U.S should extend from coast to coast Manifest Destiny
period when California had a huge population increase Gold Rush
explores sent by Jefferson to map the Louisiana Territory Lewis and Clark
how the Unites States got states such as California, Utah, and Nevada Mexican American War
policy that warned foreign powers to stay out of the western hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
territory annexed by Congress, after battle such as the Alamo Texas
Washington's first test where farmers were angry about a tax on liquor Whiskey Rebellion
To reject or cancel Veto
bring charges of serious wrongdoing against somebody impeach
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